I Contribute To…

In addition to creating Shoes, Shirts & Other Sh!t, I write for several other beauty and fashion-related outlets.

I’ve recently started, vainly, ErikaBelezarian.com. Whatever, you people wanted to know about my life because it is OMG, so interesting. So here it is. My so-called “interesting” life on a platter…pour tois. You’re welcome!

I contribute to NearSay, the “local news” for NYC. Keep up with downtown fashion, beauty and lifestyle news in the city!

I am the NYC Upper West Side Beauty Examiner for the Examiner and publish several articles a week with the best beauty trends and advice I can find off the streets of the Upper West Side of NYC, my favorite celebrity looks and so much more! Check it out and please subscribe!!

I contribute to TheMakeupGirl a beauty blog created by Lianne Farbes. When Lianne’s not available to attend, I will be covering NYC events for TMG, which is a lot of fun! TheMakeupGirl is one of the top beauty blogs on the internet. Since beauty and fashion are my niche, I’m honored to write for TMG!

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Links to all of the articles I write for TMG & The Examiner are available here, with all the other places I am featured!