It's Me, Erika.

That's Me!

I’m Erika. I go by E, Er, Erbear, Erbelezair, Elle (my first and middle initials are EL=Elle) and a number of other ridiculous nicknames. I go to college full-time, I work full-time and I blog all-the-time, although that’s not a real job description.

I live in NYC, I like to ramble, I enjoy ridiculous trends. There’s a famous person inside of me just dying to come out. No really, I’m meant for fame and fame is meant for me. We’re meant for each other.

Me, performing

From the time I was in 6th grade and accidentally ordered a karaoke CD and discovered I could hold a tune, I’ve always wanted to sing. I performed in every talent show I could find, took acting lessons, and even auditioned for American Idol when I turned 16. Clearly, none of that got me anywhere…yet.

I’m in here in New York, New York, the city so damn nice, they named it twice and Frank Sinatra once said “If I can make it here, I’ll  make it anywhere.”

So far, I haven’t made much of anything except for frozen dinners, piles of bills and a huge mess of my things in my severely undersized apartment bedroom. It’s true– I need a walk in closet. Mr. Big, where are you when I need you to build me a walk-in closet in our penthouse apartment?

As someone who performed in two audition-only groups in high school, and studied music like it was my job, I’ve had difficulty finding the time to sing in college. I’m happy to report that as of recent, I’m taking a General Chorus class as a graduation requirement and I can still read music. Yay for me!

In addition to singing, I’ve been dancing since I was five or six, I’ve taken ballet, jazz, hip hop, and in recent years, moved into ballroom dance, which I now feel I should have taken all along! I often “dance it out.” Anytime. Anywhere.

Carrie Underwood in Jenny Packham (Spring 2009 Collection)

In addition to my dreams of fame, I have a great love for fashion, style, and beauty. I’m known for my critiques of celebrity fashion and trying my hardest to emulate my favorite looks, such as a few years ago, when I came close to having  Carrie Underwood’s amazing Jenny Packham (my favorite designers) dress remade for an event I had to go to. There were only 2 in existence and as a college student who lives in NYC, I clearly don’t have the money for that.

Someday someone will be throwing the latest Louboutins at me because I’m so famous they’ll want me to wear them without paying for them, but in the meantime, I’m stuck with sample sales and a big dream.


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