Fabulous Feet (all under $30!)

It’s been awhile since I posted a collage, but this one seemed necessary! Spring is finally here and the weather is getting nice enough to get a pedi and break out those sandals. In need of some new styles? No problem. Every pair on this page is under $30!

1. Women’s Studded Bead Gladiator Thong Sandals $15 at Walmart

2. Women’s Dolce Vita for Target® Rope Wedge Sandals – Cognac $29.99

3. Ditsy Floral Wedges at Forever 21 $22.80

4. Covington Women’s “Millie” – Black at Sears $19.99

5. Gem Shovel Sandals at Pink Ice $24.99

6. Buckled Leatherette Wedges at Forever 21 $26.80

7. Weave Strap Heels in Light Grey at Pink Ice $24.99

8. Women’s Merona® Makana Cutout Sliver Wedges – Yellow (available in 5 more colors) $16.99

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One Response to Fabulous Feet (all under $30!)

  1. I love your Blog page!!! The name is super cute!!! Maybe sometime you can blog Vintage Spiderwear!?!? Do you get a lot of response from your blogging? Ill have to create a bag just for you!!! 🙂

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