A Few of My Favorite Things

What a weekend it’s been! From standing in line with over a thousand people to audition for Rent off-Broadway on Friday (and it was 70 degrees!), to my trip to the Short Hills Mall in New Jersey being foiled by some power outages on the NJ transit trains yesterday, to not leaving my apartment today until 4pm. When I finally did leave my apartment, I needed a coffee and some groceries. I never anticipated how difficult it would be to find baking liners (you know, for cupcakes?) in New York City. They’ve always been something I’ve just kept on hand when I lived with my parents, lived in Pennsylvania and even in my old apartment in Harlem, because it’s no secret that I love cupcakes!

Well, two grocery stores and one drugstore later (I can’t travel much further on foot with my still-a-mystery-how injured foot), I am cupcake baking liner-less. I just ordered them online and hopefully they’ll arrive in the next hour or so, because I want to bake some spring goodies!

Speaking of spring goodies, there are a couple of spring-ish things currently making me happy this weekend…


This daffodil plant I picked up at Trader Joe's seems to have quite a sunny disposition. It's been sunny and warmer in NYC this week ever since I brought it ho

I picked up these fun, vintage rainbow-colored, drop earrings from my friends at Estate Jewels at the Brooklyn Flea. When they didn't sell last weekend, I knew it was meant to be! I can't wait to work them into my spring wardrobe.


My dark-colored glittery nails may seem like the opposite of "spring" but they've dazzled compliments left and right! A gifted bottle of Milani #522 Silver Dazzle (you can get it for $4.99 at CVS!)




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