The Fashion Week Flu


Backstage at Monique Lhuillier

The Fashion Week Flu, as my dear friend Aly likes to call it, is about midway through fashion week when you just start to feel like well…you know, not so great. I felt the fashion week flu coming on around Saturday or so, but continued on my show-hopping, party-non-stopping ways across NYC.

Today, I may have hit my breaking point.

So I may or may not have mentioned this before, but I have this really strange allergy to all blue eyeliners, mascaras, eyeshadows, etc. unless they are all naturally derived. If I use such a product that is not naturally derived that has that crummy blue dye in it, in some way shape or form, whether or not I get all of my makeup off the night before, I wake up with pink-eye type symptoms, where I cannot see, my eyes are gross and bloodshot…the whole bit. Anyways, I’m still sifting through products that do this to me, and apparently I used an purple eyeliner with said dye in it last night and woke up bleary-eyed, unable to see, and looking like I had one too many drinks for several hours this morning.


A favorite look from Jenny Packham F/W 2011

Besides that, I’m so tired, I basically wanted to cry all day long, which is very uncharacteristic for me. I went to my favorite designer’s show today, (Jenny Packham) invited on behalf of this site…and I sat in the 3rd row, which Kelly Cutrone would say doesn’t matter (nothing past the 2nd row matters) but it mattered to me. It was amazing. It was gold and glitter and sequins and it had 31 looks. I thought it might never end. I loved every piece of all 31 looks too.

I wasn’t sad because it was Singles-Awareness Day and every guy holding a bouquet of roses or every person making out on the street made me want to cry or puke, but rather because I am just so exhausted. While hanging out in the Week Daily Blogger Breakroom today, it dawned on me that I’ve been going nonstop since last Tuesday when I attended the Lucky FABB conference…and not only have I been going to conferences and shows, but I’ve been trying to get work done for my real-life job (which doesn’t include blogging) and go to school and do my homework.

Yeah, so I’m a little tired, right?

All of this occurred to me after wearing brand new shoes that ripped my heels apart, trying to get seated for a show that didn’t start for two more hours, walking into oncoming traffic in Lincoln Center and then getting dressed for, spending $16.40 on a cab ride for, and getting all the way to Lincoln Center for…a show that isn’t until tomorrow night.

I definitely have The Fashion Week Flu. Despite the fact that it is not a true form of the flu, it’s definitely something that makes me incur over-exhaustion, irritability, forgetfulness, and well, the whole walking into oncoming traffic thing is just plain dangerous.

So, I apologize if there are any strange typos, missing words, or things that just don’t make sense in this post. I’m looking forward to sleeping tonight.

I’ll end with this note, that I tweeted regarding Singles Awareness Day, better known as Valentine’s Day:

You should love someone that you love every day, not just on Valentine’s Day and you should let them know that you love them. You should buy them little things like cards, or candy or flowers, “just because”…not because once a year flower companies, chocolate companies and Hallmark tells you that you should.


Hope you all had a better day than I did! (And please, don’t try the walking into oncoming traffic thing at home…it’s seriously not cool!)

And a little something…the finale from Carlos Miele F/W 2011!

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One Response to The Fashion Week Flu

  1. Bobbie J Crippen says:

    I really enjoyed this, THANK YOU.

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