Pink Heart Tuile Cookies

The name “tuile” is a french word meaning “tile” and when presented in rows are supposed to resemble the curved tiles on the tops of buildings. In their traditional form, a tuile (petit four style cookie) is a flat cookie which has been set over a curved surface while freshly baked and allowed to cool, giving its characteristic curved-tile shape.

This version of the tuile is a bit altered…for one, it’s shaped like heart and naturally because it’s a heart and it’s Valentine’s Day, it is also pink (I used two drops of red food coloring to achieve the color). I used this recipe to create these crunchy, sweet and delectable (also impossible to stop eating!) cookies.

These cookies are probably one of the easiest things that I’ve personally ever made, with the exception of the fact that I should’ve listened and made a heart-shaped template to create my hearts. Instead, I created each heart by hand spreading the batter on the Silpat with a spoon, which took much longer than I anticipated. Because these cookies are so thin and almost translucent, I assumed the batter would be thin and watery, but instead it had a very frosting-like viscosity, which made it hard to DIY the shape. I’m not upset though, since each cookie turned out a different size and a bit of a different shape, making them very whimsical.

I also overcooked my first couple of batches–in my oven, I literally only needed 3 minutes–and I tried them at 5 and then at 4 minutes, but both turned them brown.

I’d absolutely make these again in a heartbeat! They’re a sweet treat to curb any craving and you probably have all the ingredients to make them in your house! (Confectioner’s sugar, all-purpose flour, 2 egg whites, butter, vanilla extract, and red food coloring).

Happy Valentine’s Day!

xoxo, E



Source info: Pastry Sampler

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