Broken Vow…I'm sorry!

Me at Cocktails & Couture sporting Rachel Roy (Photo by Ana Schechter)

I made a vow to write every day in 2011 and after one whole month, plus 13 days, I broke the vow. When I arrived home last night at 11:47pm, I decided I was just too tired to write and that I really had nothing great to share from yesterday. I’m sorry, but I’d rather give you something to read than some BS I just made up because I said I’d be part of an initiative to write more. So I’ll try not to break anymore vows, but I’m probably not going to force myself to write every day like I have been if I have nothing meaningful to share with you.

I took the afternoon off to catch up on some much-needed sleep and then headed out for Lianne Farbes’ (The Makeup Girl, who I write for) social media mixer Cocktails & Couture. The party was so much fun, since I caught up with old friends and met some new ones! Held at the Aveda Lifestyle Salon in Soho, I received some products from some of my faves, Mario Badescu and Lierac, chatted with the ladies of Beautisol, sipped on some fabulous cocktails thanks to Hpnotic, rehydrated with smartwater, and snacked on some brownies from Fancy Girl Table. I unfortunately came a little too late to get my eye makeup touched up by Victoria Stiles or to get a shellac mani from CND, but it was still such a great party!

Felicia (from This That Beauty) and I (or as she calls me, "Everyone's Favorite Princess!")

I was just trying to be fashionably late, and fashionable I was wearing one of my favorite designers, Rachel Roy, a dress that drew many compliments! (Not pictured: the back dipped super low, but has antique-style black and gold lace covering it!) Totally vintage-inspired by my dress, I wore a vintage pin in my hair and vintage cluster earrings that belonged to my grandmother. (Also not pictured, but maybe some more photos will surface later, I wore patterned black tights with plain black pumps by MRKT.)

Today, I have the day off, mostly…with the exception of a dinner tonight with a bunch of other lovely beauty bloggers! I’m feeling like I need another nap right now, as I fight it to try to force myself to hit the flea market (I haven’t been since September! eeeek!) Okay, when I’m done writing this, I am going to get dressed, get Starbucks, go to the flea. Yes, I am. I am not going to take a nap.
Anyways….tomorrow is insane. Besides that it happens to be the day of my all-time least favorite holiday for basically my whole life (The one time I actually had a boyfriend for Valentine’s Day he didn’t buy me flowers because he had just bought me roses two weeks before because we had gotten in a fight. LAME…I do love pink and red and yummy treats and I’m a sucker for the lame holiday that it is.) I’m covering 4 backstages and attending 3 shows (Jenny Packham, Carlos Miele, and Tibi!), plus running back and forth to school (thank God, it’s only 4 blocks from Lincoln Center!) What sucks is that I have to carry about 9 different outfits with me and switch shoes… I’m exhausted just thinking about it, but so excited that I’m going to THREE of my favorite designers all on the same day.

One thing I can tell you for sure, is that I’m very much looking forward to my train ride Wednesday night (so I can write, provided I don’t get seated near a screaming child) and the rest of the long weekend I’ll be back in MA to rest…plus, the weather is supposed to be awesome!

Okay, that’s it for now. Hopefully: flea market, bake some Valentine’s Day goodies (you know, for the boyfriend I don’t have!), dinner…sleep.

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