Makeup and nails at Wayne 2/10/11

I don’t think I’ve ever been so happy for a Friday in my entire life thus far! I’m officially already sucking at keeping my “let’s write up shows in 24 hours or less” pact that I made with myself, as I haven’t written anything thus far. Thankfully, that’s what I have all of tomorrow to do…after I rest up at a little bit.

So far I have…whatever shows I did yesterday, which I already can’t remember…plus Jason Wu, plus Ann Yee, plus Nicole Miller…plus…well I didn’t end up going to Nautica Men’s, even though I saw some tweetpic-ed very handsome men, so I’m a little sad about that.

Those shorts...on the left: I need them. Ann Yee F/W 2011. Put them into production STAT, please. =)

Anywho…so far. Lots of gold. I love gold. Yay Jason Wu for your “Versailles reconstructed” inspired collection. Also lots of muted colors and darks, a la Ann Yee…I’m obsessed with every pair of slacks and shorts I saw at Ann Yee. I need them (the makeup was amaze too! Oh, and cobalt blue…it’s everywhere. Get on it.

So Ann Yee is a front runner for my fashion week favorites, and the makeup at Jason Wu was TDF. Love. Love. Love.

So anyways, my day took me through all that, to Nicole Miller, where I was thankful to have gotten in, but couldn’t see a thing due to the overcrowded standing area. Oh well…I’ll have to wait until the pictures are up tomorrow.

Lara and I made the Daily...with a Mercedes SLK, of course

After Nicole Miller, Lara asked me to go to this party lounge for It Gets Better, a project to help young teens, especially those who are LGBT know that things will get better. Kids today face bullying and torment and it’s so hard, I think so many people have been through it and it’s especially for hard for kids who know that they’re LGBT and can’t imagine life after they’ve come out. I’m so excited that I got to meet everyone involved and that I’m going to help be a part of it. It truly is an amazing project. (Wait for my video, I’ve already promised tears, even though I’m straight…I was bullied once too and I know how awful it feels, so I can’t imagine what young LGBT teens are going through). As a testament to how great the project is, everyone from Kelly Cutrone to Gabrielle Union showed up to make a video (Gabrielle was there as we were coming in!) and many other celebs have jumped at the opportunity to do so too.

After the lounge, we were invited to Derek Fabulous’ afterparty that he was cohosting at the Griffin with Rebecca Minkoff. I was so tired, but Lara and I made the executive decision to make an appearance after an impromptu dinner at Coffee Shop in Union Square. Once we got to the door at the Griffin, Daniel Saynt, who spoke at the Lucky FABB conference (the creator of FashionIndie) was hanging at the door, with a girl named Lizzie who Lara knew! We were immediate ushered to the VIP section above all of the madness, which was amazing. After spending some quality time with a few other guests in VIP we headed downstairs to see the people who invited us and to say goodbye.

So, you might think my day was awesome just right there, but it got better as I walked out of the Griffin.

I got an invite to Jenny Packham on Monday. In case you don’t remember or never have read my “About me” section….well, “Are You there NYC? it’s me, Erika.” Jenny Packham is MY FAVORITE DESIGNER. Basically ever. I worship the ground that she walks on.

So that’s my week for you!

Be sure to check out all of my post-show posts on here and The Makeup Girl tomorrow and the days to come!

xoxo, E

Lazaro and Jack of Proenza Schouler. Still swooning.

By the way…I mentioned that I hung out at IFB in the same room with PROENZA SCHOULER, right? Okay. I just wanted to make sure, because I still can’t get over it.

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  1. Nicole says:

    I want your life.

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