Kicking off the Week


Channeling some old Hollywood Glamour (I hope) at the Shopbop Booth Style Blogger Contest at IFB

Yes, it is Thursday, in fact, it’s almost Friday now, but really my week has just begun.

With the kickoff of New York Fashion Week today, you can expect all the great coverage from the runways and backstage in the days to come. I hope.

Last season I got so bogged down because I was always tired, so I’m going to try to make the effort to write up everything within 24 hours or less of seeing the shows/being backstage–no matter how tired I am.

Today, I’m on a little bit of blogger overload after my seconding blogging conference of the week, the IFB conference. I met so many great people (and a few amazing bloggers that will most likely be added to my blogroll soon!) It was a lot of great information, as the Lucky FABB conference was…but it was a lot. I need a few days to process everything and then I’m going to post some of the best tips that I learned, and ways that I’m going to try to be a better blogger for both me and for you.

Additionally, I wanted to share the news that my Limited-Edition Spring 2011 Collection Ferragamo W bag will be arriving from Italy sometime mid-March. I’m so incredibly excited! I wanted to thank everyone again for all of your support helping me win the bag—you’re the best!


A picture I twitpic-ed backstage at Vena Cava f/w 2011

Today, I hit my first two backstages–quick, but fun–Vena Cava and Wayne. Though the looks were completely opposite, Vena Cava inspired by Christy Turlington mashed with 90’s grunge, and Wayne inspired by the Victorian-era, I was equally obsessed with both makeup and hair looks (and I spied the CND nails at Wayne too…totally gorgeous). I’m looking forward to posting full coverage on both The Makeup Girl as well as here, for the beauty and the fashion aspects of the shows.


I also thought it’d be fun to share that I got my first-ever fashion week wound, as my heel became caught in a sidewalk pot-hole and I fell to the ground, scraping my knee. Thankfully I had a few friends to help me up, but it hurts like hell and was totally embarrassing!

Phewwww. Okay, that’s my quick runway report for Thursday, but expect much, much more tomorrow after I get some sleep!


xoxo, Erika

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