Sweeter When Scalloped

Scalloped edges that is! I’m more than a little obsessed with this super sweet trend for spring, because it gives everything a little bit more cuteness. Don’t you think? Best of all, scalloped hems come on everything–tops, jackets, belts, and even shoes–and it comes at every price point, no matter what your budget!

1. Icing atop the Cake Dress $89.99

2. Ruffle Up Vegan Leather Jacket $68.00

3. Bow Trimmed Top w/ Gathers in Thistle $43.00

4. Stella McCartney Cotton Lace Tulip Shorts $965.00

5. touch of sweetness bow belt in walnut $12.99

6. filling the holes in my heart cutout skirt $39.99

7. FALIERO SARTI Scalloped embroidered scarf $462.00

8. Chloé Scalloped Ballet Flats $425.00

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One Response to Sweeter When Scalloped

  1. Sara D. says:

    A little girly for my taste but I would still love that scarf. Maybe if it was $400 cheaper. You should do a couple splurge/steal posts finding similar items for cheap/normal : )

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