Boutique of the Week: Poetrie

Petal to the Metal dress $76.99 at Poetrie

Today I discovered Poetrie, another great indie boutique offering clothing, gifts and accessories for the retro-inspired fashionista in you!

Poetrie is a family-run business founded and inspired by five sisters. “Growing up through the 80’s and 90’s, through fields of flannel and baggy overalls, each sister discovered the meaning of fashion. Hand-me-downs were handed down the ladder from sister to sister, transferring fashion sense through a ten year age difference. Different phases in their teenage development inspired individual trend-setting looks, such as adolescent rebellion with black lipstick or idolization of their favorite musicians with Madonna studded-leather jackets. As the craze of shoulder pads and acid wash jeans died down, the sisters grew up, developing their own unique styles. While the sisters have graduated to raiding much larger closets, the clothes they wore still defined important moments of their lives. The blazer and skirt worn to a dream job interview, or a memory of the Betsey Johnson dress worn on that first date with a fiance, made their clothes hold significance and meaning.

The Girl with a Pearl Ring $15.99 at Poetrie

The Poetrie girls want to bring a little poetry back into people’s daily lives. We get it — few people read actual poetry anymore. Memorizing and reciting poems is an art that belonged to another time. But that doesn’t mean that we can’t be thrilled by art in other ways. Poetrie is all about the discovery of truth, the thrill of life, about giving into a moment, or about the pang of memory. All of which can be induced by treasuring a beautiful object, wearing a vintage dress, or doing the clasp on a 100-year-old bracelet.”

Venetian Peacock Vases $51.99 at Poetrie

I love the motto of the Poetrie girls and their boutique carries fabulous clothing from the independent designers, which I love more than anything. Another great e-commerce site, Poetrie has unique items that you may not be able to otherwise find. Poetrie currently ships to the US and Canada.

I’m looking forward to featuring items from Poetrie in future posts for outfit guides, gift guides and more!

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