Best Not-to-Buy: Garnier Fructis Blow-Dry Perfector

Put away your wallet. If you thought for $10-15 (depending on where you live/tax/what store you buy it from) that you could have perfectly lovely, manageable, smooth and frizz-free hair for 7 shampoos, as Garnier claims you can… you and they are wrong. Nope…not just wrong: delusional. (I can say that, because I used it)

It’s not often that I write a product review about something I don’t like, so this might be the first time you see something like this on here, but to be completely honest: I am pissed off. Why? Because my hair is basically ruined. Usually, I would contact the brand rep that provided me with their product, and tell them why I didn’t like and am not writing about it on my website, which provides positive reviews to its readers…..but I bought this one all on my own, based on reviews from supposedly “unbiased” magazines. Clearly none of the employees at the top beauty magazines took this product home and tried it.

So here I go: Where do I start?
Okay, it cost me exactly $10.79 at Target to ruin my perfectly fine hair. My hair did not technically need a product like this, but I thought: “hey, it’s winter, who doesn’t want their hair less frizzy for a few days?”

I should’ve stopped when I read all the warnings on the box, “do not use if your hair is damaged” (well, it didn’t used to be until after I used this product), “do not use after coloring your hair for 14 days” (I waited 15 days), don’t do this and don’t do that, or that, or the next thing.

Fine. So I put the serum on my head. My second warning: I should’ve immediately rinsed it out after the putrid smell that it emitted, but the product warned, “this product will have an unpleasant odor”. Okay, so I kept it on my hair. What’s an unpleasant chemically smell going to do?

Shame on you, you fooled me once Garnier. You fooled me twice, shame on me…the third time I was fooled..I don’t know who to blame…but I should’ve ended this process while combing it through my hair (as directed) and clumps of my hair were falling out of my head, but I figured, “it’s a chemical, just like when I get my hair dyed/highlighted, some of my hair falls out.”

So I left it on for all 20 minutes that the box said were necessary, while my entire house began to stink like the serum. (Which smells as bad as a perm, FYI)

After 20 minutes, I hopped in the shower and rinsed it as directed. I touched my hair and it felt surprisingly super-smooth. Whoo-hoo!

I jumped out of the shower, excited to blow-dry my newly-smooth-for-7-washes hair. I put the heat-activated smoothing product (the second step) and start blow-drying with my round brush like I normally would….
And then…the frizz, the split ends, damaged-looking disgustingness. What in the hell just happened? This isn’t my first experience ruining my hair however (occupational hazard of being a beauty junkie) so I managed to not cry. But four days later, with several deep-conditioning treatments, sleeping with half a bottle of Biosilk (Biosilk usually solves every problem I’ve ever had) on my head and using the new Nexxus Pro-Mend products to attempt to fix the frizz, nothing appears to be working. (And I don’t think it’s the Biosilk or the Nexxus Pro-Mend).

I’m also super-psyched that when I go to get my hair re-highlighted in a few weeks, my stylist is going to scream at me, and probably refuse to touch my hair. It’s still breaking off every time I brush/touch/wash/add product to it. Just freaking fabulous.
Way to go, Garnier.

Moral of the story: Save your money, save yourself a literal headache and get a keratin treatment or a Brazilian Blowout.
Think I’m the only person who experienced this problem? Think again.

Makeup Alley readers also say the product damaged their hair!

Crissa of Craving Chocolate & Lazy Days had the same experience as I did!

Falsie-Love isn’t a fan either, but it sounds like I may need some Pantene!


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16 Responses to Best Not-to-Buy: Garnier Fructis Blow-Dry Perfector

  1. Never tried it, but Im not a fan of any of their hair products as they leave my hair lank and greasy. Not a nice state to be in AFTER washing.

  2. Jean D says:

    Thank you for your honest review. I am glad I didn’t buy it yet! Got any advice on a good heat protectant spray for flat ironing? Mine must not be working because my hair keeps breaking.

  3. I am so sorry that the same thing happened to you that happened to me. It is the worst feeling ever to have your hair not looking or feeling it’s best. I am STILL going out the piece of bang that broke off at the root….right front and center. This product should be pulled from shelves.

    • Pam Berry says:

      I also used this AWFUL product and was very upset with the results I contacted the company and was refunded my money and the funds to get the BURNED part of my hair cut off! Was pissed cos I was letting my hair grow! Will say the company was very gracious but bottom line here, DO NOT buy this product!!!!!

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  8. csmtlgyboi says:

    okay first of all ladies please if you are going to do something on your own with a none professional product always ask for a second opinion(preferably a professional one)this product is protein based, the lady above obviously did not read IMPORTANT READ BEFORE PURCHASING SIGN ON THE RIGHT SIDE OF THE BOX IT CLEARLY SAYS!!!!! D0 NOT USE ON HAIR THAT IS DAMAGED, DUE TO CHEMICAL PROCESSING SUCH AS
    BLEACHING,HIGHLIGHTING,RELAXING,WITH LYE OR NO LYE its not always a horrible result if you read carefully also i noticed alot of the girls on here are blonde not always natural ones so be careful with what you wish for cause it may not always have a happy ending … now if your hair is natural like my clients hair is it will come out like this …… pictures coming up soon this product does work just not on everyone thank you for taking the time to read this comment hope its of great help remember commence sense ladies

    • Erika says:

      @Brittany –I used Morrocan Oil’s Deep Conditioner, Phyto’s Anti-Frizz leave-in relaxer treatment (I posted it about it at some point), and several other deep conditioning treatments several times a week. I made sure anything I put in my hair didn’t have alcohol in it, since it will dry out your hair even more (be sure to check gels and hairsprays for this). Hope this helps and I’m sorry this happened to you too!

      @csmtlgyboi my hair wasn’t damaged until I used this product. Even though my hair is highlighted and color-treated, my hair was perfectly healthy. The side of the box only said not to use if your hair was damaged from highlighting, color, etc., which my hair was not at the time.

      Also, if you guys would like to continue the comment thread for this post, be sure to find it on my new site!

  9. Brittany says:

    I also used this product and it has ruined my hair… breakage at the roots 😦 Has anyone used any conditioning treatments that have helped???

  10. Courtney says:

    Please let me know how you end up fixing your hair because my hair is ruined as well. I am also a beauty junkie… I’ll try anything once lol I held back the tears as a combed half my hair out of my freaking scalp.

  11. Jojo says:

    This product is terrible…waste of time and money…damaged my hair bad

  12. Katarina says:

    My hair is also totally ruined. i keep growing and cutting,but it looks fried. It was in great shape before this product.Here’s the part that kills me. The box reads “safe for color treated hair,so I thought I was fine. I called Garnier after destroying my hair and asked them about the “safe for color treated” claim.
    The response was “you have highlighted,not color treated hair,so of course it will cause damage”. Are you kidding me??? That’s just plain deceiving. Do NOT buy this product.

  13. Felipa says:

    Great information. Lucky me I ran across your blog by chance (stumbleupon).
    I have saved as a favorite for later!

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