It's Official…A Year-Long New Yorker

Tomorrow is my official one-year anniversary of moving to NYC. Although a few of my things went before I did, tomorrow was the day my parents set me up in my humble abode in Harlem, and bid me adieu. It was the most amazing and the scariest day of my life (because Thursday, I got lost in a not-so-nice part of Harlem).

Even though I’ve only been in the city for a year, it feels like it’s been forever…I’ve wanted to life there for my entire life. So much has happened in the past year and I’m so grateful for all of it. (Especially for my dad finally letting me move to NYC!) Thankfully, I’ve moved downtown, I found a job to pay for my shopping addiction, and I’m (hopefully) going to be graduating in December! Whoohoo! My first year in NYC brought me some of the most amazing friends and opportunities that I could ever ask for.

Here’s a look back on some of my favorite things (not in any particular order) that happened during my first year in NYC! I’ll post more tomorrow! (P.S…there were a lot of celebrities, huh? This isn’t even all of them!)

The only one that needs an explanation--Anna Wintour walking by me on Bleecker St during Fashion's Night Out!

xoxo, E

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One Response to It's Official…A Year-Long New Yorker

  1. That pic of Anna Wintour needed no explanation! :p I knew it was here in an instant. Happy 1 year, Erika!


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