Valentine's Day Gifts Under $25

I’m inexplicably always a bit bitter about this over-commercialized lovey-dovey day. Well, I am a single gal in a big city, so what more is there to say about it?

If you do have someone to share the day with, there’s no doubt you may want to get them a little something…whether it’s a boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend, sister, roommate, mom, dad, or in my case, my dog…everyone wants to share the love on Valentine’s Day!


Mini Heart Silver-Plated Jewelry Box $14.00

A heart-shaped jewelry box is a great sentiment and is far less cheesy than a piece of heart-shaped jewelry. This great jewelry box from Pottery Barn comes perfectly priced, can be monogrammed and has an everyday purpose!


Message in a Bottle Kit $16 (DIY cost=$10 or less!)





It may be currently sold out on Uncommon Goods, but this one is an easy one to DIY if it doesn’t come back in stock for the big day. Buy a vintage or vintage-looking glass bottle with a cap or a cork, get a piece of paper and stain it with tea and burn the edges. Write a romantic love note to your significant other, but don’t ship this message in a bottle out to sea, give it to your love. Some of the greatest love notes of all time were supposedly messages in bottles, plus it’s like a grown-up Valentine! (Remember those cards with your favorite cartoons you used to give to your crush? This is so the adult version of that, and is way more romantic!)


What I Love About You $13.99


When those 3 little words seem to escape you and you have trouble expressing how you really feel, there’s a clever little book to help you sort it out. What I Love About You has a grown up Mad Libs feel (in a more serious way, of course) prompting you to fill in the blanks such as, “I missed you when….” and “If we’d first met in a comic strip, the thought bubble over my head would have said…”. Pretty genius, no?




Mini Valentine Hot Cocoa $3.95

Everyone loves a warm, cozy mug of hot chocolate, but the only thing that could ever make it better is…if it’s pink! Crate & Barrel to the rescue with Valentine’s Day Hot Chocolate, tastes chocolatey, turns pink. So whip some homemade whipped cream, heat some milk and stir it up! (A fun, an almost-free DIY idea, is to make regular hot cocoa, but still make homemade whipped cream–add just enough red food coloring to turn the whipped cream pink!)


USB Memory Stick Mixtape $15.99




Giving the one you love a mixtape is so not dead…just don’t give them an actual cassette! The update to the good ole’ mixtape, the Mixtape Memory Stick, is a 64 megabyte usb memory stick fashioned to look like a cassette tape. Start arranging that playlist and find your favorite photos of the two of you because the mixtape is still totally 21st century!


"I'm Nuts About You" Key Ring $20.00

Definitely for the do-it-yourselfer/Mr./Miss Fix-it, the “I’m nuts about you” key chain is such an adorable sentiment to remind someone how you feel about them and that once again, has a practical, every day purpose. Who doesn’t look at their keys every day? When they do, they’ll be reminded that you’re nuts about them!


X & O S'mores $24.95

If you’re anything at all like me, you can’t turn down a sweet (in more than one way) treat! And really, what Valentine’s Day is complete without some chocolate? These handmade s’mores shaped like X’s & O’s are a fun and whimsical treat, delivered right to your door!


I love all of these gifts and all under $25, they’re a total steal. Now if only I had a Valentine…sigh!

xo, E

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