It’s In The Bag

Finally! I’m breathing a major sigh of relief.

After 62 agonizing days (60 of which were voting days, and by agonizing, I mean I waited until almost 6pm today for my confirmation email!) I have finally received a confirmation that I am a winner of a limited-edition Salvatore Ferragamo W bag.

Way back when, on November 24th, Salvatore Ferragamo launched its first “digital jet set” viral social media campaign, The W List. A fusion of inspiration, exotic locales and the luxurious lifestyle expected of the modern Ferragamo woman, The W List celebrates the iconic W bag, named after matriarch Wanda Ferragamo. Users were invited to inspire one another with stories of meaningful destinations that spark their personal style and promote their favorite and most engaging stories through a system of voting.

After trying to inspire everyone I knew with my Mykonos/Paris/NYC fashion story, I discovered it was pretty easy to get near the top of the list. (Of course, it’s easy when there aren’t 500 people on the list yet). In my first week, I made it from 32 to 1. I lingered between 2 and 3 that week; I held steady at 3 for 3 weeks, then dropped to 4, eventually to 5..and in the last week, all the way down to 7. Every day I was questioned, “is it over yet? Why aren’t you moving when we vote for you every day?”


The day I was #1!


Wednesday or Thursday, when decidedly stuck in 7th place, I knew it was time to pull out the big guns. I begged everyone I knew to post it to their Facebook and Twitter accounts, (and basically, everyone did) I sent out emails to every person I knew and…I contacted my hometown newspaper, who willingly obliged with my pleas to feature me on their website or in print. I was the “featured” story on their blog for 3 days until the contest ended and with over 40 Facebook shares, I think the story did the trick! I reclaimed my space at #5 and was able to win a bag!

I’m so excited that I got to achieve something like this! I feel like everyone who voted for me for 60 days deserves a piece of the bag, and if it wasn’t worth so much money, I’d cut it up and give everyone a piece of it. Fortunately, for the people I work with and my friends and family, I’m going to host a party for everyone to view and take pictures with the bag they helped me win. It’s like a community handbag, we all won, my name just happened to be on the entry form!

So anyways, I know many of you helped me win this bag too, which is so amazing and incredibly kind of you. (I know you did, because when you come here, I can see what you click on…creepy, I know..I’m sorry, but for purposes like this, it’s amazing to see! In the 2 months the contest ran, The W List website was clicked on over 150 times by all of you!) So: THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart!

I promise, I’ll post pictures as soon as the bag arrives, and you can expect to see it in future outfit posts!
Again, thank you, thank you, thank you! You guys are the best!


Xo, E

P.S. This is the last week to enter MY giveaway for a bag full of beauty products and more goodies! Don’t forget to enter here!

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