Snow Day

Hat- Pins & Needles (at Urban Outfitters), Tee-Velvet by Graham & Spencer, Cardigan-Gap, Leggings-Forever 21, Leg Warmers-H&M (circa 2009), Boots-UGG, Necklace & Ring-Vintage

As if there hasn’t been enough snow falling from the sky here lately…it snowed again today. In my final week of snow-torture in Massachusetts (where it’s apparently okay not to plow if the kids don’t have school), they’re predicting another storm. Get me to a tropical beach… please!

Today’s storm only accumulated a few inches, but it was on top of a layer of ice from Tuesday’s storm, so it made the roads a little unsafe, especially with my already shaky driving skills. I woke up not feeling 100% anyways, and decided I’d work from my home office at my parents’ house, which I think was a fairly wise idea. I had to take Izzie out anyways, so I decided, “why don’t I get to play in the snow too?”

Ms. Izzie sure loves the snow! Her sweater is Petrageous.



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