One Last Hurrah for The W List

I’m here to plead once more.

With the days winding down, only four more, to be exact, I have fallen from my 5th place throne on Ferragamo’s W List. For 2 1/2 months I’ve been sitting pretty in the top 5, for the chance of winning a Ferragamo W bag, but as of this past weekend, I’m no longer currently in the running. Don’t remember what this is about?


There is no need to register or give your email address or anything like that…just find “Erika Belezarian” and click “Cast Your Vote”…and beg all your friends to vote too!

I’m so devastated that I’ve been sharing this experience to win with practically everyone I know, and many of you, who I don’t know at all, who’ve been supporting me, and now I may not win anything!

I even contacted all of the local news stations where I grew up, and the one city newspaper pleading for support, and yesterday an article was posted to my hometown’s news blog! Help Longmeadow Native win a Ferragamo Bag! The article got 33 Facebook shares, and I moved from 7th place to 6th, but to win I need to move up to the top 5! So please vote as many times as you can!!!

So please visit The W List and vote for me. Post it on your Facebook walls, Tweet it, email it to your friends, Press This post if you’re a WordPress user–anything at all will help, but make sure to include my name on the post so people know who to vote for.

I appreciate your continued support so much!

xo, E

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One Response to One Last Hurrah for The W List

  1. Molly says:

    Just voted for you, girl! Hope you get it!! 🙂


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