High-Heeled Winter Boots

There’s plenty of cold, white stuff on the ground to last for a while, at least here in Massachusetts. (Yes, I am still at my parents house. I will return to NYC very soon!) This winter seems to be much colder than the last few winters I remember and this is definitely the most snow at once that we’ve gotten in years (close to 2 ft!).

Coat-Vintage, Sweater-Costa Blanca, Pants-Adrienne Vitadini, Shoes-Dots

I’ve been dying to wear these toughened-up heels, perfect for the winter weather (they’re fleece-lined and have tracks on the bottom), but from the reactions I got today, you’d think people around here never saw a girl wear a pair of heels before. My Starbucks barista noted, “you’re taller than me today!” Yes, I was taller than him in them… And a woman behind me in line at Target said, “I have to ask you, how are those to walk in?”

So………………… maybe they were a bit much to run my errands in, but they were perfect for playing in the snow!

Bracelets and Earrings, vintage

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