First Look: Salvatore Ferragamo S/S 2011

Your exclusive sneak peak at the Ferragamo Spring/Summer 2011 ad campaigns, before they’re in print!


For the Spring/Summer 2011 advertising campaign, Ferragamo reiterates its link with the film through images shot by photographer Mikael Jansson that reinterpret the seduction and bohemian spirit from the classic French film, “La Piscine”, the source of inspiration for the season’s collections. The story is told through a series of poolside images that convey sensuality and seduction. Dominated by summer sunlight, the photos evoke the type of languid, luxurious summer holiday expected of the Salvatore Ferragamo jet-set couple.

Just as in Jacques Deray’s 1968 film starring Alain Delon, Jane Birkin and Romy Schneider, the campaign shots describe a sophisticated poolside seduction, with the natural allure of the protagonists’ tanned bodies, the lazy spontaneity of utter relaxation, the casual elegance of a cocktail at sunset and embraces in evening attire before a party on the beach. The feeling of this refined summer holiday is distinctive through elegant details and looks put together with nonchalance and ease.

Supporting roles are played by Ferragamo accessories; bags with natural textures, sandals in leather and raffia, ultraflat slave sandals, bijoux like talismans, exclusive wristwatches and stylish sunglasses, icons of the Brand. Impeccable summer elegance in ivory and white with touches of navy blue for him, while she favours an eclectic style that combines bohemian elements with ultra-chic pieces – crocheted knits, silk mini-shorts, safari jackets, gossamer-fine flounced dresses and knotted headscarves.

Stylist Anastasia Barbieri worked with Mikael Jansson on the campaign, shot in Ibiza in early November. The campaign features models Daria Werbowy and Clement Chabernaud. Accomplice to the shoot was the sunlight, which emphasized the atmosphere and the models’ look at every moment of the day – discreet and inviting in the morning and soft and caressing at sunset. It creates plays of light and shadows on faces and warms the natural leather textures of the accessories, while enhancing the whites and ecrus of the clothes. “Mikael’s images exactly mirror the inspiration for the collection: a sophisticated woman with a natural taste for luxury,” said Massimiliano Giornetti, Creative Director of Salvatore Ferragamo . “A fascinating man near a swimming pool where the characters play out their lives… the flawless blue of the sky and the vitreous colours of summer… Slow, relaxed movements… The search for beauty without compromise… Rarified moments of timeless elegance interpreted magnificently by Daria Werbowy and Clement Chabernaud, and impeccably captured by Mikael.”


How beautiful are these images? Ahh…I can see myself poolside in Ibiza with my new Ferragamo W bag now…

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Information and images, Salvatore Ferragamo USA.

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