Last-Minute Holiday Hair Ideas

So you’re running around getting ready right now, and your hair looks like a mop! What are you going to do?!

A few weeks ago, Jenna Rabideau from Halo Salon in Texas came up to NYC to show how they do holiday hair in Texas at Phyto Universe.

A few quick ideas:

Chic Side Braid

1. Use a flat iron to get all of the ends of your hair going in the same direction.

2. Use Phyto Building Spray (but really any volumizer you have and good hair spray will do the trick) and run fingers through hair.

Make a side braid using Phyto Building Spray

3. Part your hair on the opposite side of whichever side you want the braid on and then create a fairly relaxed side braid on the other side.

4. Secure with a clear elastic and leave your hair in a loop at the end.

4. Spray. Pull the braid apart, so that it’s still together but looks far more relaxed and chic!

Pulling the braid apart

Chic & Messy Side Bun

Curl random pieces all around the face and back of the hair


1. Curl random pieces of hair around the face and head.

2. Part hair behind the ear, to the nape of the neck on one side.



Part the hair behind one ear and begin gathering the bun


3. Start gathering the bun, wrapping loosely in a circular motion and securing with bobby pins.

4.Pin the remaining hair loosely back into the bun.

Pin the side piece back into the bun




5. Tuck in and pull out random pieces as desired and spray with hairspray to finish!





Use hair spray to finish!


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