Holiday Treats: Ma’s “Never Fail Fudge”

Every year my mom and I have a tradition of making holiday treats for our friends and family, most often, those treats come in the form of marshmallow cream fudge and chocolate cream pies! The fudge recipe she’s been using for years and now has taught me, is tried and true–a recipe that everyone enjoys–and the bonus is that it’s so easy to make! (With of course, the exception of scraping the sticky Fluff out of its jar!)

This year in New York, even with limited supplies in my apartment, I was able to whip a few little boxes for my coworkers there. I bought holiday-themed tins, printed tissue paper and gold ribbon to make the treats more festive, from The Container Store. They have an excellent selection of treat boxes and tins. Party supply stores, like iParty and Party City also usually have a good selection of these, as do craft stores like Michaels and A.C. Moore.

Make it, cool it, and serve on a festive holiday plate or wrap it up in holiday treat boxes!

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