Dermalogica Academy features Alix Strauss and "Based Upon Availability"

Two Tuesdays ago, I had the opportunity to check out the 6-month old Dermalogica Academy in Chelsea! While celebrating the 6 month-mark of the new Skin-Therapy school, attendees were offered complimentary treatments, a steep discount on products, and the opportunity to meet author Alix Strauss, who read an excerpt from her new book, Based Upon Availability. The first 50 guests were offered a special Dermalogica gift bag and a copy of Based Upon Availability.

Dermalogica Academy opened its doors this past May, offering students the opportunity to focus on skin therapy, preparing them for their state licensing exam. Dermalogica’s main goal today is to “train the best skin therapists in the world with the latest technology.”

Dermalogica Academy is the only undergraduate program researched and developed by The International Dermal Institute, the premier provider of postgraduate skin and body therapy education in the world. Click for more info about registering for classes at Dermalogica Academy.

Alix reading to us

Alix Strauss’ new book Based Upon Availability, follows eight women who frequent the famous Four Seasons Hotel in New York City. The book is written from the point of view of Morgan, a manager at the Four Seasons in Manhattan, who is haunted by the memory of her dead sister and is the thread that weaves the eight women the book follows together. Strauss herself, posed as Louise, the drug-addicted rock star, who is sent away to dry out by her just as famous publicist, at The Four Seasons, to write the book.


Why The Four Seasons? “I’ve always had a love affair with hotels, and have longed to know what happens behind closed doors. I especially love the anonymity hotels offer,” says Strauss. “The retreat from real life. The idea that you can be anyone from anywhere. And that once you’re gone, the rooms are stripped down, wiped clean. All traces of you are erased, as if you’d never been there.”

The excerpt Strauss read to us from her book:

“Upstairs on the main floor of the Four Seasons Hotel, I survey the clean, crisp lobby, take stock of the efficiency of my staff, of the attractive patrons who stay with us, sometimes for a night, others for days.

I walk to the front desk and slide over to the side that’s momentarily not in use.

The turnover of our hotel is tremendous. According to the computers, every three minutes and forty-nine seconds someone is either checking in or out. There are three small boxes responsible for imprinting room assignments and security codes to the key cards. Upon checking out, the information is erased and a new number and code is given. When I select the room cards I never glance at the computer, let alone the guest’s profile that automatically pops up on the screen when the room key is activated. I like to do this without help.

I close my eyes, run my fingers over the duplicate guest’s keys. Like a deck of cards waiting to be fanned out by a magician, I remove one and stick it in the box. 1709 lights up in green. In the six years I’ve worked here, I’ve never gotten this room, until today. I’ve been in 70 percent of the quarters, and I’m familiar with each lines as I am with my own apartment. I know which has the best layout, the grandest view, the largest bathroom, the nicest closets. That the corner room are twenty-five square feet larger than the regular ones. That the water pressure in 2510 will never be as powerful as the others, no matter how many times we try to fix it. That Oprah will only stay in the Presidential Suite, and that the housekeeping once found a wad of c** on the wall in room 615.” -Alix Strauss, Based Upon Availability

She read much more to us, but it is far too much to type. Feel free to glance at a bit more here. The book is widely available for purchase, and I just bought it myself today!

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