Things We Love: October/November: Nan Fusco Convertible Jewelry

Okay, I wish this column were actually called, “Things I’m Obsessed With” because I am actually obsessed with Nan Fusco’s Convertible Jewelry.

The designer herself, Nan Fusco, sporting one of her most fabulous pieces!

The lovely Nan Fusco, based in Laguna Beach, sought me out after reading a post on SSOS a few months ago, and graciously offered to lend me several pieces from the line to try out for editorial consideration.

Regrettably, UPS is taking them back to California tomorrow, and I might cry. No, I will cry. Each piece has somehow become a wardrobe staple for me–I ignore almost every other piece of jewelry that I own, and opt for the pretty, the shiny, the sparkly, the mixed-metal, the pearls, the chains, the fringe, the giant chunks of winter-white turquoise.

Nan Fusco Large Turquoise Nugget on Tiffany Link Sterling with Gunmetal and Sterling Chain Fringe $429 (This piece has been featured in Lucky Online AND FabSugar!)

I’ve even developed a schpeel. When I wear something from Nan Fusco’s Convertible Line, I’ve become unmistakably prepared to explain what it’s made of, how it works, and why I love it. (The people I’m constantly with are used to it by now, but often think I’m wearing a different piece of jewelry, when it’s really the same one I wore the night before–they haven’t quite wrapped their heads around the concept of wearing the same necklace different ways, so that it looks different.) 

The line, unlike any other I’ve seen, features pieces of high-quality, gorgeous jewelry, with precious metals and precious gemstones…but the kicker is that they can each be worn up to 8 different ways!

Even better is that Nan personally creates every piece of jewelry that she sells–so you know you’re getting something made well.

The Multi Tasker with Pearls AAA Superior Keishi Melange on Gunmetal $415 (this is the one I'm wearing as bracelet further down!)

Arguably the easiest to switch because of its inventive pulley system, this one may be for beginners, but looks fabulous on everyone! $385 for pyrite, $470 for citrine

Recessionistas everywhere will rejoice over the fact that when they purchase a piece of Nan Fusco Convertible jewelry they’re really getting between 4 and 8 pieces (depending on the piece) for the price–so while the price may seem steep, remember the deal you’re getting, and the quality of the pieces.

I think the most important thing that I have yet to mention, is how incredibly stylish all of the pieces are—this isn’t your run of the mill jewelry. These are standout pieces that you will want to (and can) wear over and over again.

Here's the Fringed Choker with Pyrite that I constantly sported around the city! So easy to mix it up with this one. $315

Here’s….embarrassingly, a ton of pictures of well….me. I feel so vain posting them, but I guess I shouldn’t—what do they all have in common? I’m wearing Nan Fusco Convertible jewelry. The only one I managed to somehow not get photographed in, is the Pyrite Pulley! I’m going to have to get on getting a picture in that one tonight before they leave NYC.

Here's me, attempting my super bad-ass look at Don Hill's for the Express/The Pretty Reckless party wearing the Nan Fusco Pyrite Fringe Necklace (looks different than when I wore it for the Dots party, eh?!)

Happy Birthday to me! Sporting the Nan Fusco Double Loop with Turquoise for my birthday last month

Another shot of the Multi-Tasker w/ Pearls with one of my best friends, Ashley, earlier this month

Being silly, but how great is that Multi Tasker necklace as a bracelet?!

Jordin Sparks & I at a Dots launch for her new perfume, I'm sporting the Nan Fusco Double Loop with White Turquoise!

Lara of Pretty Connected and I at the Dots Style & Beats Party, I'm wearing my Nan Fusco Pyrite Fringe Mixed Metal necklace

Okay, that’s enough of me–I think you get the point. But I will add a picture of myself wearing the Pyrite Pulley tonight! (I pinky swear).

And while we’re on the topic, Lo Bosworth of The Hills is a fan of Nan Fusco’s Fine Jewelry line!

Okay, so since you can see how clearly fabulous and gorgeous Nan’s pieces are, I’ll stop there, but you should stay tuned for my holiday picks in the next few weeks–some of Nan’s fabulous holiday pieces will be featured! *Cough….Multi Tasker with Micro Pave Diamonds …..Cough*

You can purchase Nan’s pieces through her website (phone and email orders only). It is also available through By George (rated as a top boutique by Lucky Magazine), Julian Gold, MiPlace Boutique, Queen B Boutique, Sasha Laguna Beach, Laguna Supply, Valentines, Too, and of London. The line will be available in many other boutiques across the country (and hopefully to the East Coast!) very soon!

In your spare time (between lusting after and shopping all these great pieces) you can keep up with Nan Fusco jewelry by following Nan Fusco on Twitter and “Liking” Nan Fusco on Facebook. (Hint: I highly suggest Facebook because Nan does lots of fabulous giveaways and keeps current with the latest pieces in her collection on there!)

Disclosure: Several samples of this collection were loaned to SSOS for editorial consideration. SSOS nor Erika Belezarian were obligated to write this review.

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