Love High Heels, Hate the Pain? Relax Missy Foldable Flats to the Rescue!

As a self-admitted stiletto and high heel addict, many people often wonder, “how does she do it?” The truth is, I’ve trained myself, I stretch my shoes out with socks before I wear them out and…I have a new product in my wardrobe arsenal…

Fold-up flats!

I know you’ve seen these things everywhere–roll up, fold up, bend in half— but some are greater than others, I promise. They sell them at the drugstore where I work, the Gap makes a pair, and they are not all created equal.

My favorite are a pair that were graciously sent to me by the creator of Relax Missy! While most of these flats are simply low quality shoes, with thin soles, Relax Missy actually features a split-sole so that the flats can be folded in half. Because the soles at the balls and the heels are your feet are thicker than the arch. this also happens to provide a little extra support that most flats don’t offer…something we all need after sporting mega-high heels.

Relax Missy Foldable Flats---comfort and style!

I remember opening them and seeing how these flats folded in half, and I immediately thought, “genius!” everywhere else I had seen that these existed, they all just rolled-up, and were basically a poor-quality ballet shoe, because the soles were made to be flexible, but not actually comfortable, which is contrary to what Relax Missy wanted to do.

These flats are made to wear all day, and while I don’t wear them all day, they are perfect for commuting to work, and for my late-nights on the town. Because they fold up and fit into a small little carrying bag that comes with them, you don’t have to worry about compromising space in your handbag, carrying a heavy, extra pair of shoes to change into, or worrying about their soles of the shoes touching everything else in your bag (hello, who knows what you’re stepping on, on the sidewalks of NYC?!)

These stylish, comfortable flats go everywhere with me now–I can wear them on the subway and then switch to my heels when I get to work…I think everyone knows it’s not cute to be slowly stumbling down the subway stairs in the morning, or shuffling across the sidewalk because your heels are too high…believe me, I’ve learned my lesson, many times.

The other great thing about these flats is that the back is fully elasticized, but not in an uncomfortable way—it’s perfectly stretchy so that when your feet swell a little bit, the shoes still fit—but not so stretchy that they keep slipping off.

Relax Missy flats are available in black, sizes 6-11 for $58.00 a pair and they can be purchased here. They are not available in half sizes, and I would recommend ordering a size up. (I wear an 8 1/2-9, so I tried the 9 and they were perfect!)

Know a stiletto-loving bff, sister, or cousin? How great are these for the holidays!? They come in an adorable box, with a reusable carrying bag and are perfectly priced to give to anyone whose feet need serious high-heel rehab.

AND…who doesn’t love 20% off? Use code “Malibu” at the checkout

To learn more about the creation of Relax Missy’s flats, you can read more about their creator and how the brand got started! Additionally, Relax Missy has a great blog, Soloprenette, that you should check out.

You can follow Relax Missy on Twitter, “Like” Relax Missy on Facebook and watch vlogged reviews on their YouTube Channel.

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4 Responses to Love High Heels, Hate the Pain? Relax Missy Foldable Flats to the Rescue!

  1. Lauren says:

    I’ll have to check these out! I have a pair of the Gap ones and I’m obsessed with them.

  2. These are so cute and they look so comfy xoxo

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