What I Wore: Express & Paper Magazine Party

Even though this party was a few weeks ago, I had to wait for my picture to surface from the event, since my personal camera was totally dead at the time!

Inspired by Don Hill’s grungy atmosphere and the fact that Gossip Girl‘s Taylor Momsen was performing with her band The Pretty Reckless, I decided to mix grunge with girly and the graffiti covered walls of Don Hill’s just accentuated the grunge. I don’t usually do outfit posts, but I was feeling pretty BA that night, so I dressed the part and headed out.

Photo Courtesy of Lauren (Everyday to Runway)

What I wore:

  • Beaded tank by RBX
  • Ruffle cardigan by Elle
  • Acid Washed Cotton Mini by silence+noise (at Urban Outfitters)
  • Patterned tights by Simply Vera by Vera Wang
  • Suede bow booties by IMPO
  • Fringe Pyrite Convertible Necklace by Nan Fusco
  • Ring, vintage
  • Handbag–Dennis, Cape Cod, MA flea market

Thanks for this lovely shot (not) of L & I, Guest of a Guest

While we’re discussing, the party was quite an interesting mix of people—from intoxicated Express models who were clearly paid to show up, have pictures taken of them pouring drinks with sponsored alcohol and dance around stupidly, to hipsters, trendsters, press (like Lauren and myself), and a snotty PR girl at the door. I have to say that while Don Hill’s is so not my scene, the drinks were decent (and on the house) and the bouncer didn’t hassle with me when I told him I lost my driver’s license.

Additionally, I hate to admit it, but TayMom’s band….not too shabby. Her voice sounded strong and the songs were decent. Lauren even said to me, “maybe the drinks are really strong, but I actually like her music.” Not the drinks—I do too!

Her wardrobe on the other hand? Girlfriend could use a stylist. TayMom wore a a ripped up t-shirt…tunic-y thing…if you could call it a tunic, as it just barely covered her a$$, fishnet thigh highs, and completed the look with the sky-high plexi-glass stripper heels she donned on this month’s cover of Revolver magazine. Although I’m sure she didn’t mean to, TayMom even flashed the crowd a few smiles, profusely thanked Paper Magazine and Express…oh, forget the smiles…she flashed her boobs too…intentionally. Ooops, forgot about that one. TayMom’s proud mom, Collete, stood in the crowd watching her 17 year old wannabe pornstar…and stood only feet away from me, singing along. Even Agyness Deyn made an appearance at the party!

All in all, I’d say the night was a success–I even left with a copy of The Pretty Reckless’ 4 song LP that I might consider listening to and I’m glad I attended, but for as much as I hate on Miley Cyrus’ lude behavior, I should be picking on Taylor a tad more.

Disclaimer: A ticket was provided by I Heart Heels blog by a company representative for consideration or a post to Everyday to Runway blog, whom I attended the party with. SSOS was under no obligation to write this review.

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2 Responses to What I Wore: Express & Paper Magazine Party

  1. LOVE IT! SO much fun with you!!!!

    PS- I listen to the CD a lot! haha xo

  2. Erika says:

    I had a ball with you tooo!!! I gotta pull out the CD…I guess……:-D xoxox

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