On display…

In my ongoing search for chic-ifying my tiny bedroom in my NYC apartment, I noticed that my jewelry collection was completely out of out hand. I have more necklaces than one could possibly stuff into 3 or 4 jewelry boxes, all getting tangled on each other, and becoming increasing difficult to grab and go.

When I moved in, I had a rack of hooks directly above my desk beside my bedroom door. Like every other hook, they were overcome with reusable bags, my lunch box, and a few other miscellaneous things. Coats and hats were too much to have over my desk.

While cleaning for my birthday party guests, I noticed a major problem with the chicness of this display and a major problem with my jewelry boxes.


Hang necklaces on the hooks. Chic and functional.

And also gorgeous!


Lots of jewelry hanging beautifully


Various jewelry by Nan Fusco, Ann Taylor Loft, Charles Klein, Bling (Yarmouth, MA), Forever 21, Target, Vera Wang, J.Crew and several NYC street vendors.



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