Club Monaco + Shopbop = Fabulous

Today Club Monaco is launching on Shopbop—-amazing, I know!

I had a chance to preview the collection last night and I can’t even wait to share all the juicy deets with you guys, because I think I could spend every last dime of every paycheck I get for the next 6 or so years there. (Including the $1100 amazeballs Shearling Motorcycle Jacket I got to don in a photo op last night—-can I, can I….can I have it? —hopefully you’ve seen “Can I have your number?” because otherwise you think I’m nuts right now.)

Anyways, here’s a picture of the fabulous Lauren (Everyday to Runway) & I last night, wearing, what else? Club Monaco + Shopbop!¬† I have so many more fabulous pictures and details to come…I promise. I will write it alllll out for you on my train back to MA tomorrow night….here’s a few pics to keep you busy in the meantime….


Lauren & I at the Shopbop + Club Monaco Preview (photo courtesy of Polite in Public)


By the way, if you want this jacket, only like 10 in every size were created XS-L...go get it!

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