WTH?!? Beauty News: Justin Bieber to Launch His Own Collection of Nail Polish

I am supposed to be getting ready to go to work right now and I had to share this ridiculousness.



Justin Bieber...no nail polish here (photo courtesy of Parlour Magazine)


Justin Beiber and nail polish in the same sentence.

Okay, men wearing our nail polish is nothing new, guys have been stealing our black polishes and top coats for years; now they get MANicures….anyways:

The International Business Times has reported that teen-sensation (who I think sounds like a girl when he sings, which could explain this collaboration) Justin Bieber, 16, is planning to launch his own collection of nail polish with Nicole by OPI, dubbed “One Less Lonely Girl”. I can’t help but wonder how he couldn’t think of a more original name. I mean, are girls really going to feel less lonely when they’ve got JB on their hands? Probably not, Justin.

The line, which at this point has 14 colors promised for the collection, will be exclusively retailing the first 6 polishes with Walmart. The collection will be available during the 2010-2011 holiday season, so that Santa can bring all the little Bieber-obsessionistas a piece of “The Biebs” in their stockings, as opposed to coal. The other 8 polishes are sent to launch later in the season (January), and will later also be retailed by Target, Sears and Ulta stores (supposedly in February). The first few colors will be called One Less Lonely Girl (a shade of lavender), Me + Blue (dark blue) and OMB! (bright red), reports AOL Style List.


(photo courtesy of Nailsoftheday.com)


So are you going to paint the town OMB! Red? by Justin Bieber for Nicole by OPI. (holy sh!t that is the most ridiculous name for a collection ever.)

But, seriously…are you going to wear The Biebs on your nails?

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5 Responses to WTH?!? Beauty News: Justin Bieber to Launch His Own Collection of Nail Polish

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  2. That’s crazy I guess they do it as they know he has a huge young female following that will all rush out and buy it.


  3. Lorena says:

    Wow, the things they’ll do to market a new teen star.
    All the “Bliebers” (or w/e they’re called) will go insane for this.
    Ugh, must he collaborate with my fav nail polish brand too? Great.

    Couture Me: lorenachouza.wordpress.com

  4. I am actually baffled by this. If it wasn’t ridiculous enough that name is nauseating. Thanks for sharing the weirdest thing I’ve ever heard!

    p.s. I came here through IFB’s Buddy Group ^_^

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