Naturopathica Rosemary Lemon Clarifying Mist …..Ahhhhmazing!

Guilty, as charged…I might’ve swiped a spritz of this from my roommate.

It was just a spritz, hopefully she won’t mind…because I’m obsessed with it now and I’m going to get my own…she can swipe a spritz back, so we’re even! šŸ˜‰

Okay, so in all seriousness, this stuff is awesome!

It’s like, one part hydrating mist, one part toner, one part astringent, and one part amazing smelling.

Made of rosemary and willow bark, this holistic mist helps tone and clarify the skin, while helping “awaken the senses”…I don’t know about this part, but it did clear my sinuses for the entire day, so I guess it awakened my sense of smell, if nothing else. (at least it does what it promises, right?)

Best part is it works for all skin types! The key ingredient, rosemary flower water, is a pure, water-based solution created when essential oils are steam distilled. Distilling it give it slightly acidic properties, which make it a sebum regulator (sebum is the oily/waxing stuff that clogs pores and causes blemishes) to control shine on oily skin.

Pretty cool, right? So this stuff, hydrates, tones, clarifies, and helps prevent breakouts, while also helping regulate the 1pm shine that appears, as sure as a 5’oclock shadow will appear on your man. I’m sold.

Even if you’re not sold, there’s good news. You don’t have to opt for the large version your first time trying it! Naturopathica offers a 1oz version for just $10.00! The larger version, 4.2oz, is still very inexpensive at only $28.00.

Wait, wait…it gets even better. Don’t believe me? Naturopathica’s Rosemary Lemon Clarifying Mist is VEGAN, ANIMAL-FRIENDLY, Gluten-free, and Eco Certified (ECOCERT). This isn’t their only product boasting these great traits, many of their other products boast the same.

So…check out Naturopathica. Visit their website, follow them on Twitter and like them on Facebook!

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