A tour of Nicole Miller Soho…with your host, Nicole Miller!


Myself, Nicole Miller and Lara of PrettyConnected.com

A week or so ago, I had the pleasure of joining the fabulous Nicole Miller in her Soho store for an evening soiree to view her current collection and chat about, what else? Fashion!


Nicole’s latest collection is mainly sportswear for fall and is being sold as separates, unlike her past collections, which have been mainly eveningwear, and wear-to-work pieces.

The latest collection, made up of well-tailored, and finely detailed skinny pants (amazing leather panels and zippers), easy to wear flowy, fun-printed tops, and classics with a modern twist (think white button down with ruched sleeves!) are perfect for fall…and since I’ve still been trying to wear my summer clothes by throwing on tights or a sweater, I think a shopping trip for some fall fashions to Nicole Miller is in my future.

Nicole told us that her collection was inspired by New York City…the lights, the streets, the subways—the imperfections that make NYC what it is. Is there any way to be more fashioned for the city than by wearing a collection inspired by it? Probably not. (Unless, of course, you want to sport and I ❤ NY t-shirt…).

In addition to the fabulous ready-to-wear in Nicole’s fall collection, were some amazing pieces of jewelry and some bangin’ shoes that are being sold in the store. Less than 24 hours back from New Zealand Fashion Week, Nicole already had pieces of jewelry showcased that she had purchased there and brought back to sell in the store.

I personally can’t wait to get my hands on some of the pieces in this collection. The white button-down, is a must-have for work, and the tops are so easy to wear for work, a day on the town, or to dress up at night! I especially loved the jewelry and the shoes.

See for yourself!

xoxo, E


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