Need a Halloween Costume? Try Victoria’s Secret!

If you’re out of ideas for costumes this year, fear not (pun intended), Victoria’s Secret’s slut-tastic costumes to the rescue!

I love Halloween. Seriously. As stupid and ridiculous of a holiday as it is, when else do you get to dress up and pretend to be someone else? Even though I sincerely miss my mom making my costumes every year (and for real, my Native American/Pocahontas costume would’ve been completely mortified if it had ever seen the American Cowgirl VS is serving up…there was more fabric on my headdress than there is fringe on that thing), and trick or treating, Halloween is way more fun as an adult.


Victoria's Secret Cowgirl Costume (photo courtesy of fashionindie)


So how do you feel about these sexed up costumes? MacArthur Joseph of says, “I really love that these costumes are perfect for both normal girls on Halloween and strippers on a daily basis.”

I think they’re a tad much…err…too little? I hope I don’t see anyone on the streets of this city wearing this, and I certainly hope the teenagers of America don’t get their hands on them.

See the rest of these slutastic costumes on FashionIndie!

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6 Responses to Need a Halloween Costume? Try Victoria’s Secret!

  1. Jean D says:

    Is slut-tastic a word? Ha ha! I agree these are much too revealing and should be kept for the privacy of your own home. Don’t people have any imagination these days than to just wear skimpy outfits? If the costumes get any smaller, kids won’t be able to go out on Halloween.

  2. Erika says:

    Hahah NOPE! I invent words, I think it’s more “me” when I do that. But they are SLUTASTIC right?! I mean, you’re asking for it if you walk out of the house in that, and you’re right…kids are already under enough pressure these days, they don’t need to see that… or wear it.

  3. Owl says:

    The one thing I absolutely HATE about Halloween are the insanely revealing costumes. It’s cool for the bedroom, but actually wearing something like this out? I feel like that should be completely out of the question.

  4. Erika says:

    Me too! It totally grosses me out and for some reason people find it completely socially acceptable to dress like whores one night a year. A brand like Victoria’s Secret sexualizing a holiday…if you want to call it that… is almost the worst thing that can happen. 14-year olds around the world are suddenly going to think that it’s okay to dress like this, when it really shouldn’t leave the house…or the store, for that matter.

  5. kendallcrow says:

    for serious. the costumes are kinda ridiculous. and by kinda, i mean majorly awful and whorish. i’m all for cute halloween costumes, and sometimes a little va va voom isn’t all bad when you’re an adult and going to be around adults. but this victoria’s secret costume:for the bedroom? coolness. for the streets? please don’t. and for little girls around the world to want to imitate this, can you imagine? little girls going from door to door, trick or treating, wearing what they think is cool and grown up to wear…. a total “to catch a predator” scenario.

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