Monthly Obsession: Matte Top Coat by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

Okay, I know I already had a monthly obsession post for September, but I have another new obsession, as of….less than 24 hours ago.

That’s how obsessed I am. I discovered it at 5pm last night and I’ve decided I’m already obsessed enough now to tell you about it.
At The Gallery NYC yesterday at Agent Red Showroom in NYC, Los Angeles fashion and jewelry designers came to showcase their collections prior to LAFW, which if I could attend, I would, but I can’t. So anyways, Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics was the sponsor of the event and I already had some familiarity with them from things like The Makeup Show NYC and the International Beauty Show, but never really got any real information about them because the booths were always too busy to have a legitimate conversation with anyone.

SO…there was a girl named Mia Milano, showcasing her fabulous jewelry (I’ll tell you about her another time) and she was sitting in the chair getting her makeup touched up, trying not to move but tell me that OCC makes a matte top coat and showing me her nails. (At this point I was unaware that she was a jewelry designer showcasing there and thought she worked for OCC). Her nails looked ahhhhhhmazing. Like, I thought it was actually a matte nail polish, but she actually had just the OCC matte top coat on.
The creator of Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics was generous enough to let me paint my nails on the spot (which, I smudged pulling out business cards later on…epic fail) and then keep the bottle, which had become my newest obsession. I took every polish out last night and tried every color with the matte top coat over it, and it totally changes the entire look of the nail polish—without buying new colors!!

Matte nail polishes lately, are not all that great, they chip easily and have a really short life on the nails, because they wear away quickly, but matte top coat is a whole other animal…because it’s still a top coat, providing longer-lasting polish, but mattifying the color.

My newly mattified nails! (modeling a Mia Milano ring, by the way) color is Platinum Del Playa by Essie, mattified by OCC's Flatline Top Coat

I’m totally in love. Totally. I’m going to get a real manicure in a little while and I’m bringing OCC’s Matte Top Coat with me!

Best part? It’s only $8…so still super inexpensive AND Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics are 100% natural and 100% vegan, so they don’t harm the earth and are made with all natural products. Buy the matte top coat in “Flatline” here!

Amazed as much as I am? Find out more about OCC by visiting their website follow them on Twitter @occmakeup or Like them on Facebook!

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2 Responses to Monthly Obsession: Matte Top Coat by Obsessive Compulsive Cosmetics

  1. Jean D says:

    It looks great! I love how your nails are short too. Can’t wait to find this stuff.

    • Erika says:

      Thanks Jean! I’m seriously addicted to this matte top coat=best discovery ever. And I have to keep my nails short—I’m like an invalid with long nails…can’t type, can’t text, can’t hold a drink LOL!

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