Another Day, Another Cupcake

So those of you who know me well enough by now, know that I love cupcakes. I love trying new recipes, I love baking them, I love decorating them. And not only do I love doing that, but I also love trying new cupcakes!

For many years I was a loyal Magnolia Bakery girl, who prayed to the God of Magnolia buttercream frosting after their presence on Sex & The City, and I mean, how could you not? And for awhile, they were the only game in town… and then a pal introduced me to Billy’s Bakery, who I think has the best vanilla buttercream I’ve ever tasted. In fact, I became so obsessed with Billy’s that the co-managers told me through Twitter that I should come fill out an application because they thought I’d be perfect to work there. Dream? After being loyal only to Billy’s for almost 2 years, I broke away and tried the mini-cupcake sensation Baked by Melissa, which are also by the way, totally amazing, but completely different from Magnolia and Billy’s. And then after years of resisting, I tried a Crumbs Bake Shop cupcake at my roommate’s birthday party two weeks ago, which was also totally incredibly delicious.

And now, I present to you Eleni’s. While Eleni’s is mostly known for their delicious cookies,  they also sell some pretty cool cupcakes too!

I visited Eleni’s in the Chelsea Market amidst Mercedes Benz Fashion Week. Being that the Chelsea Market is across the street from Milk Studios (where most of the shows with MAC Cosmetics were held) it was an extremely convenient place to grab a bite and people watch. The Chelsea Market is littered with restaurants and shopping and desserts and every time I’ve gone there, I’ve never bought dessert before. Why? I’ll tell you. Eleni’s is situated only one shop away from another bake shop, who displays insanely decorated cupcakes and birthday cakes with characters and things on them…and I’ve never been able to choose.

I stood between the two cupcake shops (at the store front between them) and watched people. Most people walked by the shop with all the crazy-decorated stuff and said things like, “Wow! Look at those cupcakes!!” and “How cool are those cakes?!” and then kept walking, but people actually went into Eleni’s. I decided the other place was all hype and walked into the delightfully decorated (in my all-time favorite color, pink, of course) and sweet-smelling Eleni’s.

After much debate, I decided on the Oreo Madness Cupcake. Oreo’s are pretty much my favorite cookie (and well, it’s “America’s favorite cookie”, but whatever) and I love cupcakes, so I was really feeling like I had no other choice.

I made a good one.

The Oreo Madness Cupcake was crumbly, on the inside, but had gooey cooked marshmallow globbed around the top, and boasted a vanilla-marshmallow type frosting, with an oreo stuck into the top of it, which was clearly also baked, because it was soft and crumbly, but not in stale kind of way. I was glad I snapped a great pic of it before I nibbled on it, because it actually was also quite beautiful!

The next Eleni’s cupcake I want to try? Mocha…or maybe Chocolate Ganache.

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