ModCloth Amazingness

Okay, I flippin’ love ModCloth.

As if you didn’t know that already…
While attempting to pack up all of my things again to move into my new and uberfabulous NYC apartment, off ding-a-ling-linging went my Blackberry with an email from ModCloth…

Ahem….Excusez-moi, s’il vous plaît……? Does that say “70% off” and “ModCloth” on the same banner? Seriously? Is that a joke? Vraiment?

Some items to scoop up before they’re gone….

"Whether you lilac it or not" Dress WAS $99.99 SALE $30.00

"A Sip of Champagne" Dress WAS $67.99 SALE $20.00

"The Poise is Back in Town" Dress WAS $99.99 SALE $30.00 (your new favorite fall LBD!)

"Peach on the Beach" Sandal WAS $44.99 SALE $13.00 (limited sizes)

"Pink Pizazz" Dress WAS $74.99 SALE $22.00

"Mercury Metallic" Heels WERE $112.99 SALE $34.99 (limited sizes and stock available)

and that’s only the first page!!!! I mean, could this site get anymore fabulous?

Anywho…happy’s back to packing for me…Au revoir mes amis!

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