Love Beach Hair?

Ahhh, summer is briskly drawing to a close. Before I know it, I’m going to blink and be back in big-city Manhattan, amidst the glitz and glamour of New York Fashion Week….ahhhhhhhhh.

But I’m totally going to miss the beach.

So I totally love beach hair. It’s my favorite. Salty, sandy, textured, a mostly, perfectly wavy, tousled, and acceptably frizzy.

What do I not love? Dry, sun-soaked and impossible to repair for weeks.

So how do I win the battle, you ask?

I have discovered a product that consistently, for two days in a row, in the heat and humidity, gave me beach hair, without the trip to the beach (or the damage, for that matter).

Garnier Fructis Style Wonder Waves Wave-Enhancing Spray has come to the rescue!!!

Garnier Fructis Wonder Waves Spray $1.95 at

Easily my favorite new discovery (I read about it in like 6 different magazines in the last 2 months and decided it was time to invest a whopping $2.99 on it…YEAH,  TWO DOLLARS AND NINETY CENTS. Seriously!..and you can get on Amazon even cheaper!) Wonder Waves has a “powerful wave defining technology with fruit micro-waxes. Texturizing polymers help shape the wave and provide hold, lightweight moisturizing humectants and silicone provide soft conditioning without weighing hair down.” While I have zero clue what exactly that means, I just know that it works. (To think, I was once a science major…pshhh!)

My hair is wavy, tousled, sexy, not frizzy, not sticky, and definitely not dry (or greasy) in fact, I would call my hair “perfect”. Yep. Not in a “just came from the salon with my fabulous blowout” perfect, but in an effortless, “I just rolled out of my bed and my hair looks totally fabulous and wavy, but not like I have a bedhead” perfect. It’s really pretty indescribable.

All I know, is that this morning, I showered, washed and conditioned my hair, and towel-dried it. I spritzed this fabulous stuff allllllll over my hair and combed it through. I took my blowdryer (with a diffuser)  and just blowdried my roots so that they were almost dry, frizz-free and shiny. I twisted my hair back and clipped it up for about half an hour, took it down and let it airdry.

Voila. Beach hair minus the beach.

Now if only my tan didn’t fade……

See some celebs who love rocking beachy hair:

Rachel Bilson

Blake Lively

Kate Hudson

Jessica Biel

Gisele Bunchen Brady

For more information about Garnier products visit their website!

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