In&Around: Billy's Bakery

Anyone who knows NYC knows that the cupcake economy in this city is booming!

A little indulgence, a sweet treat, a small pick-me-up. A cupcake is worth a thousand clichés, except….I’ve found an excellent one that is worth going out of your way for!

Billy’s Bakery still has that small-town bakery feel, painted with nostalgic blue and yellow, making you feel like you’re not in booming Manhattan. High quality ingredients and delicious treats are what make Billy’s special…plus, I’ve never seen employees anywhere who like they’re having as much fun as the ones who work at Billy’s Bakery. Billy’s only has two locations in NYC, and despite huge success (always a line out the door, celebrities who tweet that Billy’s makes their favorite cupcakes, custom ordering, and a delivery service in Manhattan) they’ve has chosen not to over-expand like many other cupcake shops in Manhattan, keeping their prices fairly static, and both customers and employees alike, very happy.

Billy’s two locations are 184 9th avenue (between 21st and 22nd) in Chelsea and 75 Franklin St (between Franklin Pl and Church St) in Tribeca.

Since discovering Billy’s via a friend over a year ago, I’ve accumulated some must-try favorites when you visit Billy’s:

Vanilla & Chocolate Buttercream Cupcakes

The Cupcakes (DUH)

-Yellow Daisy with Vanilla Buttercream

a tad too sweet this cupcake will do the trick. The buttercream is outstanding and the cupcake is moist.

-Red Velvet

Not available every day, but totally worth the wait. The red velvet is rich and moist, and the cream cheese buttercream is tangy and sweet, just like your grandmother’s old recipe.


This is a no-fail cupcake. Hands down, best bite-size carrot cake…in existence. No, seriously.

Billy's Famous Icebox Cake

The Cakes

-Chocolate Cake with Mocha Buttercream

Available by the (GIGANTIC) slice, this cake is a must-try. (Share with a friend…it’s really big). I discovered this cake tweeting with one of the Billy’s co-founders about how they should bring back their specialty limited-edition cupcake Meow Mocha co-designed by fashion designer Rebecca Taylor (my first Billy’s cupcake). He promised me this would be a perfect substitute. It is ahhhmazing. But share it. It’s a big slice.

-Famous Icebox Cake

There is nothing more I can say, except that if I could eat this every day and not gain weight, I would.

Billy's Pumpkin Squares

The Other Sweet “Stuff”

-Hello Dolly Bar

Inspired by a classic “magic bar” this one’s got a twist. And it’s a delicious twist. Tangy, sweet, nutty, chocolately and coconut-y. Who could resist? (Billy’s also sells the mix to make your own!)

-Pumpkin Squares with Cream Cheese Frosting

Available only in the fall and winter, these pumpkin bars are like if pumpkin pie and date bread got married and had a baby. With some frosting on top. They go quick, so get there early. (Note: Extra delicious with a pumpkin latte!)

Check out the Billy’s Bakery menu and be sure to give one their locations a visit–I promise, it’s worth your time!

Visit their website, Follow @BillysBakeryNYC on Twitter, or “Like” them on Facebook!

Personal Photos of Billy’s Bakery (Click to view larger):

My best friend Nicole, with the 21st birthday cake I got her from Billy's!

How cute are the Billy's bags?

My cousin Tal and I enjoying Billy’s at the Chelsea location
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