Celeb Makeup Artist Jackie Gomez Raises Money for the Cornelia Connelly Center in NYC

Last weekend I had the privilege of attending an awesome event hosted by BeChic Mag & Mercedes Sanchez, featuring celebrity makeup artist Jackie Gomez, for a great cause: to raise money for NYC’s Cornelia Connelly Center (read more about the Cornelia Connelly Center in the original post here), a middle school for girls, funded solely by donations that helps prepare girls for high school and college.

In one of the Cornelia Connelly Center classrooms, decorated with artwork by students and desks full of books, Gomez, with sister Adriana (a Sephora corporate rep) her mother, and her agent, Danny (follow Top5Management on Twitter) in tow, greeted me cheerfully with a hug and a kiss before getting started on showing us her top tips for getting a fabulous face for a professional work setting. Gomez and her sister graciously handed out makeup removing towelettes so we could each do our own makeup along with her tutorial. (Oops! I hadn’t brought much…just my Make Up For Ever HD powder, Make Up Forever HD blush #6, Eve Pearl duo “Sunset Surprise/Sherry Baby” lip gloss and my Temptu Pro Concealer Wheel….I didn’t even have a mirror!) (My friend Lara from PC Beauty noticed that have of what I had with me was from The Makeup Show NYC…hmm.)


Detailing her every move and product, Jackie used one of the participants, Joselyn, who happens to be an actor and singer, (check out her blog) to be her model for the day. Jackie started with a moisturizer (BareEscentuals) which she passed around for each of us to use, followed by eye primer (purminerals eye prep). After prepping the eyes, Jackie lined the eyes with waterproof eye liner (M.A.C.) and slightly winged it out (it opens the eyes). Jackie used Smashbox #7 brush to sweep a light color all over the eye, and Sephora #234 brush (in stores only) in the crease. The trick is, “to use a brush that isn’t too puffy for the crease,” Gomez offered. To finish the eyes, Gomez, pulled the eye taut (from the eyebrow upward) to curl Joselyn’s eyelashes. Curling the lashes helps to prevent mascara from running and also helps to open the eye up. Jackie used a NARS eyelash curler, but noted that she loves the ones by Tarte and shu uemura, and has also used a really great one by Revlon. Jackie swept FACE Atelier mascara onto Joselyn’s lashes, and then hit the bottom lashes with the brush vertically, rather than horizontally.


Joselyn with La Mer translucent powder dusted under her eyes

Next, Jackie used primer on Joselyn’s whole face (M.A.C. Oil Absorbing Primer), but noted that non-silicone primers are good for those with sensitive skin (Korres Face Primer). Jackie then mixed two colors of liquid foundation (FACE Atelier Pro Foundation) together to match Joselyn’s skin, and said that if we don’t need a lot of coverage to mix our foundation with moisturizer to make our own custom tinted moisturizer. (I’ve totally done that with bronzer….guilty as charged!) Jackie suggests that you should go one shade darker than your normal skin tone with foundation, and one shade lighter when you choose concealer. She also suggests to buy colors with golden or yellow tones, since pink tones can make you appear tired, no matter what your skin tone is! To apply the foundation, Jackie used a cone-shaped sponge (lightly soaked in water) called Beauty Blender, which is made to fit the face’s contours and left Joselyn looking airbrushed! (I need one…now.) Jackie applied concealer (Cover FX) with another Smashbox flat brush and then patted on La Mer translucent powder over the concealer and in the corners of the eyes (she did not blend it in….yet!…this a celebrity trick..stay tuned!) If you can’t afford La Mer, Jackie likes Make Up For Ever and i.d. Bare Minerals, and warned us to stay away from anything with talc in it, which will make you appear grey in photographs. Instead look for powders with silica or cornstarch. Jackie used a blush brush to sweep bronzer (NARS Laguna) across Joselyn’s forehead, temples, cheekbones and chin, which gives the face a more natural glow than a bronzer brush. After instructing Joselyn to smile, in a circular motion, Jackie used the blush brush to apply blush (NARS Orgasm) to the apples of her cheeks, and did not extend the blush up her cheekbones, “So ’80’s! And not okay for work!” Gomez said with a giggle. Gomez quickly lighted filled in the corners of Joselyn’s eyebrows which were almost perfectly manicured to begin with. To finish the face, Gomez swept the translucent powder (you know, the stuff left under the eyes) across the face to set the look (and drastically brighten the under eyes!) No wonder those celebs look so awake all the time!

Looking fabulous and fresh-faced!


Jackie used lip liner (M.A.C.) that almost matched the shade of Joselyn’s lips and then swept a bit of sheer gloss over it to finish the look.

Then Jackie transformed Joselyn’s look for after-work dinner and drinks with one simple change: the eyes have it!

Jackie used a Q-Tip (yes, a Q-tip) to transform Joselyn’s eye makeup to a more dramatic smokey eye, to prove that you don’t need to haul your makeup bag to work with you. (You can even use the same light color and just keep layering it to “smoke” the eyes). Jackie pressed the shadow into the crease of her eyelid (note the word “pressed” because pressing the shadow in intensifies the color) and then blended it. Use the shadow leftover on the Q-Tip to intensify your eyeliner….and voila!

Jackie, hard at work!

Jackie got her start working at Sephora as a makeup artist. She began photographing her work and bringing her portfolio to record labels asking to do makeup for the performing artists. Jackie was persistent until she eventually was hired to do Kelly Rowland’s makeup. After earning some money working, Jackie put herself through esthetician school to learn about the skin to advance her knowledge of how to create perfect makeup. Jackie now works as the in-house makeup artist for purminerals cosmetics, an all-natural makeup and skincare line. Jackie has worked with tons of celebrities, such as Beyoncé, Victoria’s Secret model Marisa Miller and Zoe Saldana.

At the end of the event, Jackie sat down with me to answer a few pressing makeup questions!

Jackie loves Cover FX concealer $25 at Sephora

Erika: Which three products do you suggest every girl keep in their bag to quickly create a flawless face?

Jackie: A concealer is very important to cover up any dark circles, any blemishes and it really helps the face look even; a blush/bronzer duo is great because it’s two in one, and mascara to open up the eyes.

E: If you had to pick your three favorite makeup brands that you keep in your kit which would you choose?

Jackie's a huge fan of NARS and the Orgasm/Laguna Duo is one of her faves! $39 at Sephora

J: I would say, purminerals, NARS, and Smashbox.

E: Your tips today were mostly for makeup in a professional setting, so how much is too much for the workplace?

J: A smokey eye for work, a lot of extra blush, anything too intense is too much.

E: I was asked to replace a picture of Beyoncé on my original post about this event to one from your portfolio of her at the 2008 Billboard Music Awards because it was hard to do her makeup for this event. What happened?

I think B looks pretty good too!

J: Oh, was it the mint-colored dress?! Beyoncé had been on tour at the time of those awards and when she came to me, her face was all broken out. Her face was all red and I was so excited to do her makeup [for the event], but when I saw her I was so scared because [doing makeup at an event like the Billboards] it either makes you or breaks you. We did a clarifying masque and we just covered it up and we were able to semi-make it look flawless, I think! I’m a perfectionist, so when I see the pictures I hate it, but Danny’s [my agent] like, “No, it looks great!!”

Solange Knowles at the MTV VMA

E: You’ve worked with tons of celebrities, so who’s your favorite?!

J: I love Solange Knowles! I think she is so edgy, so much fun; she has a different personality and it’s so unique. She’s a lot of fun to work with! I love her for that.

Okay, so to recap:

Jackie is an amazing makeup artist who worked really hard to get where she is, which is very commendable. She uses tons of fabulous makeup (all linked to where you can buy it on this blog) on her celeb clients, and she also can do your makeup! Visit her website for contact info. You can “Like” Jackie on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.

Top5Management is the agency that represents Jackie, and her agent is Danny Rodriguez. Find out more about Top 5 Management by following them on Twitter and “Like”-ing them on Facebook.

BeChic Magazine is online magazine dedicated to fashion, beauty and entertainment in NYC created by Mercedes Sanchez. Check out the recap (and video) from the event on BeChic Mag. You can also follow BeChic Mag on Twitter or “Like” them on Facebook.

Phew, okay. AND the Cornelia Connelly Center for Girls is really fabulous. Definitely check them out and help in any way that you can!

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