Amazing Mascara: All-Natural Edition

My search to find a new all-natural mascara that doesn’t clump, smell gross-earthy (you know, like manure), and that doesn’t flake off has come to an end!

I used to lovelovelove the now defunct line Tony & Tina’s amazing Herbal Eye Mascara way back in the day and could never find an all-natural replacement. (I think I shed a tear when I asked the Sephora sales assistant where they had moved the products and she told me they stopped manufacturing!)

Korres Provitamin B5 & Rice Bran All-Natural Lash Strengthening Mascara

Tears aside, all-natural Greek beauty line Korres has some fabulous mascara that has quickly become my new favorite. The Korres Provitamin B5 & Rice Bran Lash-strengthening mascara has trumped all of my other mascaras thus far (the ‘extra lengthening’, ‘volumizing’, ‘runway-this that & the next thing’, ‘will make your lashes pop’ and all those other false claims). This Korres mascara doesn’t really promise any of that, just that it will nourish your lashes….and it does.

The Korres Provitamin B5 & Rice Bran Mascara nourishes lashes with a non-clumping buildable formula, contains Provitamin B5, a proven natural hair strengthener, improves both the length and number of lashes and rice bran natural extract expands (just like rice does in water) to provide maximum lash length, volume, and fullness. With a simple, no-frills, and non-clumping brush, the mascara easily and beautiful coats each and every one of my lashes!

The mascara comes in 4 colors: Black, Brown, Grey-Green, and Blue-Black to match anyone’s taste. In my eyes, at just $18…this mascara trumps all other mascaras I’ve been using…drug-store and high-end. I’ve gotten more compliments on how great my lashes look wearing this mascara than with any other I’ve ever used!

The mascara can be purchased on Korres website, and they’re currently offering 20% Off Orders $30+! Use Code: AWARD for the discount at checkout.

Off to bat my lashes!…

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