OK, Seriously…Why didn’t someone think of this before?

A mirror…on your makeup. And a light….on your makeup.

It’s genius, I know. I wish I had thought of it, but the creator of Beauty For Real cosmetics, Leslie Munsell, thought of it first!

Beauty For Real cosmetics is one of the newest and possibly, the coolest beauty brands on the market now. While the product line is numbered, the products Munsell has created are fan-freaking-tabulous!

The 9 glimmery, gorgeous shades of See the Light! gloss from Beauty For Real

Right now, the line consists of illuminated and mirrored lip glosses called “See the Light!”. Yes, the lip gloss has a mirror on its case, and a button on the top that you press for light. Brilliant! (Literally.) No more juggling your lip gloss, compact and cell phone just to apply lip gloss, ladies–See the Light! lip glosses have everything you need. Did I mention that they come in 9 gorgeous shades, are packed with antioxidants (read: good for regeneration and anti-aging) avocado oil and aloe vera, which have essential vitamins, are antibacterial and highly moisturizing, some lip smacking grapefruit, and a hint of mint, to keep it fresh and clean! The glosses also have a lip plumper, made with marine collagen, that unlike most, won’t burn your lips as it goes on!

Next up: Mascara…with a mirror…and a light. Another genius idea! Beauty For Real’s “Miracle Mascara!” is another one of top beauty picks lately. Smudgeproof and fancy-brush free, this mascara coats every lash like a dream–no clumps!  Though not waterproof, the Miracle Mascara! is long-wearing and tear, sweat and oil resistant. The mascara contains carnauba wax, to help build volume and shape, collagen for strength and resilience and vitamin E to promote growth. Talk about some pretty smart mascara.

The See the Light! Lip Glosses are available in 9 colors and retail for $22 each. The Miracle Mascara! retails for $23 and is available in black.  Both products can be purchased on Beauty For Real’s website.

You can also follow Beauty For Real on Twitter or “Like” them on Facebook!

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