I made it!

Hurray! I made it through my first semester as an NYC’er!

It was rough going at first, when I sat aloof in my apartment typing in Carrie Bradshaw-esque fashion, (Remember, “Live from NY, It’s Saturday Night!”?) but by the end of the semester I found my place in the city, friends and tons of other fun things to do!

From left, me, Shruti of Cocolicouss, Amy of The Beauty Chick, Amanda of BeSpoken4 and Lauren of Everyday to Runway. Picture credit to Nancy Ti (The Informed Makeup Maven)

When I started SSOS, I had no idea what it would become–I assumed, a journal, of some sort, to record my adventures gallivanting through the Big Apple. This, has become so much more than that.

While I shared my adventures of my first sample sale experience, getting snowed in, and of course, my infamous Godzilla-sized blister, I also was able to share all the cool beauty events and fashion events, plus all the cool new products and designers I’ve discovered working as a beauty and fashion writer–which has been the most fun.

As a result of being a beauty and fashion blogger, I’ve been able to meet some of the nicest, smartest and most beautiful women I know–and I’m so grateful for that–my fellow beauty/fashion bloggers are like sisters to me! (And Lianne, like a mother!–without you, I never would’ve been a beauty blogger! Thank you!!) I also have made so many amazing friends of the PR side of the beauty industry, and I heart you all! There is certainly nothing like sitting in a room full of people who love all the same things as much as you do. When you walk in and don’t know anyone–you immediately already have something in common (besides the fact that you’re at the same event).

Kim Kardashian & Me at the CEW Beauty Awards

And of course, there are the perks of meeting fashion & beauty entrepreneur, and reality TV-star, Kim Kardashian, as well as the fabulous fashion designer & reality-TV star, Whitney Port! Seriously, my two favorites–I met them the same day, they were in the same room and I was there too. What are the odds? I only wish I would’ve talked to Kim longer, since like her, I’m Armenian, and we totally would’ve had something to talk about. I also regret that I didn’t talk to Whitney longer about her journey to NYC. Like her, I moved here on a whim, and hardly knew anyone when I got here. (We’re also apparently both huge fans of our Blackberries (see picture, Blackberries in tow)..um hello, BBM buddies Whit?!) I also had the privilege of meeting style-guru Robert Verdi (The Robert Verdi Show), model Kalyn Hemphill (Project Runway) and Editor-in-Chief of Allure magazine, Linda Wells.

Whitney Port & Me at the CEW Beauty Awards

What has my life turned into?!

I feel like school has become completely irrelevant (parents, don’t let your children read this!) but I fully believe in the necessity of going to college. Regardless, I sat in class two days a week all semester and listened to a teacher with a PhD talk at me, and I read the $200 books they made me buy and took their tests and I came out with no real-world skills. In my “other” life, I go to events, I meet people, I learn about things–I get to learn by doing and trying things, and then I go home and if I like what I saw or tried, I write about it. The number one real-world life-necessity: knowing how to write well. The number two real-world life-necessity: knowing how to communicate with others, and not just via text message, Twitter, Facebook or Gmail.

Christine (Tineey & Co), Haley, me, Bea, Jon Valdez (Orange Juice & Biscuits) Kalyn Hemphill (Project Runway) at Serge Stosberg's Gallery Opening in Soho. Photo credit: Tom Harmon

So now, unfortunately, I had to abandon my great city for the summer. I’m back in oh-so-boring Massachusetts to save some money for the fall (and hopefully while I’m home, find job for when I get back to the city in late August/early September!) While I’m not excited to be back at home, living with my parents (sorry Mom & Dad), I’m trying to focus on the positive: I get to see my adorable puppy Izzie every day, my closet is the size that my room in my NYC apartment was, my bed is much comfy-er and isn’t lofted 6 feet off the floor, I have DVR and all my favorite channels (as opposed to boring basic cable), I don’t have to pay to do my laundry, and while I despise driving, I don’t have to wait for late subway trains! While my social life is going to suffer for three months, I thankfully have a few good friends here, and I’ll be back in action come fall semester. (And of course, every few weekends when I go back to NYC!)

Since there are few adventures here at home (although, now that I say this, I always joke I should have my own reality show when I live here) there will be mostly beauty and fashion coverage for the summer. And of course..get ready for it: NYFW at Lincoln Center come the fall! I can hardly wait!

xo, E

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  2. This was my favorite post from you. You’re so real, vibrant, and wonderful! Have fun resting/relaxing at home this summer. I hope you find a bangin’ beauty job, too! See ya on Twitter!!

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