Beauty Buzz: Pick a Concealer…Any Concealer…REALLY!

Okay, so I’m on a post- Makeup Show NYC & CEW Beauty Awards beauty product high–expect lots of cool products coming your way, and less story-telling for a bit!

So, how would you like a concealer that you can match to your skin color any time of the year? Whether you’re in the pale of winter, or a bronzed-summer, this concealer is going to save your life.

Oh, you don’t believe me?

You’re right, it’s not “trick” makeup like those brands that sell “shade-matching” makeup even if you bought the wrong one…doesn’t quite work that way.

It’s way better! You blend it yourself, so you literally can wear a different shade of concealer every day if need-be.

All in one fabulous compact.

Still don’t believe me?

Low & Behold:

The Temptu S/B Concealer Wheel

The S/B Concealer Wheel by Temptu PRO

Did you just hear the angels singing “Ahhhhh!!”? I did. I can’t even begin to say enough good things about the great coverage and formula that this concealer has. It’s lightweight, not greasy, and actually fixes the problems. I love that I can change the shade to meet whatever shade my skin is. For me, my forehead is tanner than my cheeks, so I need a darker concealer for a blemish on my forehead, and a light one to cover my under eye circles: Voila!

And seriously–the price–you can’t even beat it: $22. Yep. You’d waste more money than $22 just trying to find a concealer with a consistency you like, and then buying it in a couple of shades so you can wear it all year. So just buy this, and you’ll be all set for a while.

The Temptu Pro S/B Concealer Wheel is formulated with silicone. Unlike most of Temptu Pro’s other cosmetics, which are primarily airbrush, the Concealer Wheel can be used the old-fashioned way: with our hands!
The concealer wheel is available for purchase in Temptu Pro’s shopping section of their website. Click to buy!

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4 Responses to Beauty Buzz: Pick a Concealer…Any Concealer…REALLY!

  1. angelraven Tevan says:

    So nice! Where would we find it?

    • Erika says:

      Hi Angel! You can find it on Temptu’s website (There is a link provided in the article, either click on the picture or the link that says “Click to buy” at the end of the article). It’s also available at select Sephora stores. It’s unfortunately not on the Sephora website yet. Enjoy!!

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