Hello, Upper East Siders!

Well even if you aren’t a real Upper East Sider, you can visit all the spots where your favorite Gossip Girl stars hang out!

Look familiar? The home of our favorite Upper East Siders!

Check out the New York Palace owned by Bass Industries…home to the Van der Woodson/Bass/Humphrey clan, as well as Chuck & Nate! Located in the heart of Madison Avenue, the New York Palace boasts a beautiful courtyard (often where the stars on the show are spotted brunching) with unrivaled service!

Downstairs in the New York Palace is the uberfabulous Gilt Bar & Restaurant…with the bar and lounge as the site of Serena van der Woodsen drinking many of her sorrows away! You’ll immediately recognize it from the show.

Can't forget this bar! Serena's favorite martini spot Gilt

Get schooled like your favorite Gossip stars at Constance Billard School for Girls & St. Jude’s School for boys located at The Synod of Bishops Russian Church and the Museum of the City of New York, respectively, since their fictitious addresses on the show plop them smack in the middle of the East River. Oops! You’ll recognize the buildings’ exteriors as the schools you love to hate.

Blair & Serena on the famous Met steps!

The famous steps that the Blair and her crew claimed back in the Constance Billard days are located at the beautiful Metropolitan Museum of Art…you can go have your own moment there too! (5th Ave & E 82nd St)

Blair’s lush apartment is located in the Carnegie Hill section of the UES on 5th avenue, in a gorgeous pre-war building built in 1925. Each apartment features an elevator with a private landing and these apartments are considered some of the best in New York City…rightfully so, since they sell for between $4 and $7 million dollars!

Remember Blair in this stunning pink orchid headband at Lily and Bart's wedding?...Colette Malouf, my dears!

After Blair’s apartment, why don’t you do a little shopping on 5th ave…like at Henri Bendel!? 714 5th Avenue, New York City. Stop by Colette Malouf‘s accessories section. Malouf designs a bunch of the outrageous headbands you see Blair wearing on the show!

The inside of Butter


This NYC hotspot is a favorite among New Yorkers, and the GG cast loves it too! You’ll probably remember Blair bringing her mignons for lunch to assure them that she was still the Queen…I hear they even have a cocktail named after Blair called “The Queen Bee”…though it’s not listed on their website’s menu! While Butter is actually located on the LES, rather than the UES, it’s still worth the trip!

The sign that Chuck made famous!

How could I forget Chuck’s baby?…the Empire Hotel! Located at 44 West 63rd Street, you can spend the night in Chuck’s gem (at least, it belongs to him on the show). With 420 rooms and suites available for rent, you can stay right in the heart of Lincoln Center, amid vibrant nightlife, amazing restaurants and tons of history! (The Empire Hotel is located just 4 blocks away from Columbus Circle and Central Park West, The Time Warner Center and tons more!) And even if you’re not a guest, you can always just snap a photo of the famous lighted “Hotel Empire” sign above the hotel!

Washington Square Park

And who could forget Dan, Vanessa & Blair’s favorite place to get an education?–NYU of course! Check out Washington Square Park, where tons of real NYUers can be found just hangin’ out, chowing down, studying, or catching some rays. Washington Square Park is eclectic, vibrant and fun, with tons of restaurants and bars surrounding on almost every street. Venture into the West Village—grab some crepes at The Creperie 112 Macdougal St or grab some falafel at Mamoun’s 119 Macdougal St. Head over to Bleecker St to do some boutique shopping and experience the nightlife… maybe see a celebrity or two!

On Location actually has Gossip Girl tours of these locations and many more ($40 for 3 1/2 hours…not too shabby!) See the sites and book your tour!

Want more Gossip Girl? This season might be over, but stayed tuned to learn how to look like your favorite Upper East Siders!

xo…xo, E

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  2. Fabulous blog post, Erika!! Great info for any GG fan. 🙂

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