Got Winter Skin? Get Curél Targeted Therapy®!

Got Winter Skin? Get Curél Targeted Therapy®!
Have you got winter skin? Summer is coming and it’s time to get your dry winter skin under control!

I think we all know my feet had a rough winter–I mean, I had to make an emergency room visit for that crazy blister I had a few months back! Pedicure season is upon us and I needed a tool to get my feet into tip-top shape! In addition, I’m such a germaphobe that I have a crazy handwashing problem and my hands are drier than dry. Then Curél Targeted Therapy® came along!

In just 3 days, Curél Targeted Therapy® can help improve the look and feel of your skin. Formulated specifically for your hard-working hands and feet are the Targeted Therapy® fast-absorbing hand cream and deep-penetrating foot cream. These powerful formulas are meant to hydrate and relieve dry hands & feet, yet are gentle and soothing.

Curél Targeted Therapy® Hand & Cuticle Cream

The Curél Targeted Therapy® Hand & Cuticle Cream is fabulous! As a serial nail-biter (who recently quit), this cream has been a lifesaver in curing my dry skin and helping improve the look of my cuticles and the strength of my nails! The hand and cuticle cream has soy milk, softening monoï oil, and vitamin E. Rough, dry cuticles are softened with just one use and the cream keeps hands soft and smooth even through several hand washings! (Which is great for someone like me!) Another thing I love about the hand cream is that because it’s fast-absorbing, it’s never greasy!

Curél® Targeted Therapy® Foot Cream

Since my feet had a very rough winter, the Curél Targeted Therapy® Deep-Penetrating Foot Cream was just what I needed–I didn’t want to be embarrassed at my first pedicure of the season! The Deep-Penetrating Foot Cream contains rich shea butter and coconut milk, as well as healing Vitamin E. In just 2 days, I noticed a huge improvement in the look and feel of my rough dry heels, which had suddenly transformed into soft and smooth just-came-from-the-salon heels! I also amped up my routine by applying the cream just before bed and slipping on some socks to lock in the moisture!

You can purchase these two great creams from Curél Targeted Therapy® at retailers like Target, CVS/Pharmacy, K-Mart, Walmart, Walgreens, Kroger and nationwide…BUT you can win a set here first!!
See details below:

Leave a comment on this post on Shoes, Shirts & Other Sh!t and tell us why you must have Curél Targeted Therapy® Hand & Cuticle & Deep-Penetrating Foot Creams by May 4, 2010! The best answer will receive a set of Curél Targeted Therapy® lotions to help cure your winter skin!

Contest Rules:

Contest is open to United States residents only. Must be age 13 or older. Submissions must be received by 11:59pm (EDT) on May 4, 2010 and must contain a valid email address where the winner can be reached.  One (1) winner will be selected to win a set of Curél Targeted Therapy® Hand Cream and Foot Cream and will be chosen based on the quality of  his/her answer and the necessity of the prize as demonstrated by his/her submission by the site creator Erika Belezarian. Erika is not responsible for submissions of non-winning answers. Winner will be notified by May 7, 2010 and will need to provide his/her residential information to the Shoes, Shirts & Other Sh!t Gmail account so the prize can be mailed to them. If a winner is not reached within 48 hours of being notified, a new winner will be chosen. This giveaway is sponsored by Curél® and Curél® will be providing the prize to the winner of this contest, therefore, the winner’s information will also be shared with Curél®. Good luck!

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16 Responses to Got Winter Skin? Get Curél Targeted Therapy®!

  1. I have teacher hands. I have overhead markers all over my hands and I occasionally leave the classroom with dry erase markers under my nails. Because I’m writing, touching 25 million kids, wiping their noses, tying their shoes, wiping off their desks, and handling materials all day long, I tend to overuse antibacterial hand sanitizer and wipes; plus, I clean my hands the old fashion way religiously: soap and warm water. This has led me to have the hands of a construction worker (well, almost). I’ve tried all kinds of lotions (fruity to heavy duty) and I still can’t find that perfect mesh between smell like a lady and work like a powerful cream. I’m hoping Curel will meet my needs without leaving me smelling like a medicated powder or leaving me as greasy an order of french fries.

    Select me, Erika! I NEED this lotion!

  2. Nancy Fredette says:

    My skin is extremely dry due to constantly washing dishes and using numerous cleaning products.
    I also have a puppy who bites my hands non-stop so I have to wash my hands all the time!
    My feet always need help.I neglect them all winter because I don’t wear sandals so by the time spring comes they are in horrible shape!
    I really need both treatments as soon as possible!

  3. kim says:

    I’m a nanny and photographer in NYC. My hands go through hell working with little kids. Mud, grass, paint, clay, and lots of washing dishes. My skin gets really dry because I have eczema. I hate the way my hands feel and look. My feet are a whole other story. Always in sneakers and lots of walking… I don’t even want to look!

  4. Laurie Parlengas says:

    It’s sandals season – need I say more!?!?! I refuse to put my feet into summer sandals until they are back into tip top shape!! They were so neglected after the winter and need help big time!

  5. Margot says:

    Hello Erika,
    I am a younger fan and I ADORE your blog (LUV the advice you gave the nanny). I am a baton twirler (yes, fire batons are an option) and I can perform many different types of tricks–spins, tosses, juggling and illusions. I use hockey tape to wrap around the batons in order for them to keep from slipping from our hands when I catch it. This tape is very rough and scrapes my skin (sometimes it even bleeds). If I don’t catch the baton properly, the metal sticks bang my hand causing bruises and more than one fingernail bends back and splits! Ouch! After hours of practice on my feet and cramming them in little tiny dance shoes I would love to be able to use a little foot cream to soothe and cure my aching feet. Thanks and I hope you consider me!

  6. Helene says:

    Got to get the toes in flip flop shape for my upcoming cruise. I’ll be soaking up the rays and drinking the tropical drinks – might as well treat my feet to the shea butter and coconut milk from the Curel foot cream too!

  7. Suzanne Loreto says:

    With the winter just behind us, my cuticles and feet are in need of some pampering! I love the fact that the hand lotion is fast-absorbing and doesn’t make your hands feel greasy. The foot lotion sounds wonderful and will get my feet ready for summer in no time. I could really use Curel’s Targeted Therapy Creams to cure my winter skin!

  8. Nancy Canevari says:

    Well, the older I get it appears the more moisturizer I need for my hands, arms, legs, feet, etc. Washing hands constantly during the days also keeps them nice and dry necessitating to keep moisturizer at my desk and it is used often. So face cream will help with the wrinkles, foot cream would help for the tired feet from walking constantly in heels and sandals, hand cream for the dry and cracked hands from washing and cleaning (womens’ work so they say). Do they have Target Therapy for the rest of the body?

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  10. Christine Kent says:

    I used to see my Mom’s feet all dry and cracked and thought “it must be because she’s old and goes barefoot”………well, clearly I was wrong!! I never go barefoot (just feels icky) and now that I’m the age she was at that time – which is definitely NOT old – and my feet look like they’ve been run over and then left for dead in the desert, I just need help to fix them. My sister and I go will for a pedicure and she makes fun of me when “they take out the major hardware” for my feet. That’s a direct quote from my lovely sister. My feet take twice as long to do as hers and she seems to get way too much enjoyment over that fact. So, Erica, I’d love to receive your Curel products so I can hold my head up high in front of my sister and the poor people working on feet. Afterall, my sister is already younger than I am, is it too much to ask that my feet look better than hers??

  11. Kristy Alemar says:

    Well in all honesty, i have a secret that i’ve been hiding for quite a while but now that the summer’s almost here, i don’t think i’ll be able to avoid them. My HEELS!!! They’re a mess. My BF makes fun of them all the time. Something’s wrong when your bf’s got better skin than you. I think it runs in the family though cause my mom has the same issue.

    i’m willing to try anything!!! Petroleum Jelly is my last resort but for now, would love to give Purrell a go. So pick me!


  12. Betty Vershon says:

    I have no idea what causes my heels to become so dry and cracked. I drink plenty of water, use a cream specific for heels on my feet once or twice a DAY and I still struggle with dryness. I have tried just about every product on the market that claims they help this situation and have not found one yet that I think can do the job to my satisfaction.

    Whether or not I win the set of Curél Targeted Therapy® Hand & Cuticle & Deep-Penetrating Foot Creams, your blog has already convinced me that I must try this product, Erika. I’m a fan of your writing and when I read your list of “musts” to travel with, I already know we like very similar products (like you I LOVE those pocket tooth brushes and am a huge fan of the facial spritz!). CHRISTINE, I think you and I should do our pedicures together because I believe your story is very similar to mine (except my sister is older but TELLS everyone she’s younger!) Our pedicure technicians will need a vacation after they finish with the two of us! ;o)

    As for my hands, I use hand cream several times throughout the day and will use whatever I have on my desk or in my purse. Some I like more than others, but none have stood out where I feel I must buy only that product going forward. I’d love for that to be Curel Hand & Cuticle Cream. Looking forward to my much smoother skin! I trust your tip, Erika, and definitely feel it’s worth a shot to try both of these products.

  13. Carrie says:

    The tops of my hands get so dry they literally feel like sandpaper! I could probably start using the backs of my hands to rub down walls or doors to prep them for painting they’re so bad. I’ve tried all kinds of lotions and nothing seems to take that disgusting rough feeling away for more than an hour. Erika, please help! I’m in desparate need of some smooth baby bottom hands again.

  14. Gail says:

    Help! I will try anything. My feet are cracked so bad sometimes that they hurt to walk on them. I get pedicures all the time, I file my feet, I buy special lotion…no matter what I try it never seems to work! I want smooth feet! Help Curel!

    • Erika says:

      Congrats to our contest winners Betty & Christine who will each receive a set of Curel Targeted Therapy Hand & Foot Creams to cure their winter skin!!! Thanks to everyone who entered!!

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