Globetrotting Gal: Travel Essentials for the Jetsetter

Globetrotting Gal: Travel Essentials for the Jetsetter

As you may know, Shoes, Shirts & Other Sh!t will be taking a 10-day vacation (minus whatever work I get done on the plane!) because I will be venturing around Paris, France and Madrid, Spain to visit my cousin, who is studying abroad!

Instead of packing, which I should be doing right now, I wanted to tell you about some of my travel must-haves, for an overnight flight, or any flight over an hour, really!

Evian Facial Mist 2-pack, 1.7 oz TSA Approved packaging at Sephora $12

My first long flight ever was to Greece my junior year of high school. (It was a senior class trip, not enough seniors signed up for, so five juniors got to go, and I was one of the privileged!) Like every well-known globe-trotting gal, I needed to have all the bells and whistles for my carry-on bag that the celebs had, which included Evian facial spray mist. This stuff is just fabulous. It now comes in a special TSA approved 1.7 oz sized 2-pack and helps moisturize, refresh and tone your skin, after a long flight of dry, recycled (and not to mention, usually freezing cold) air!

When I whipped out my facial mist to refresh and moisturize my face on the flight from Frankfurt to Athens, my peers giggled at me…but you know this glamorous globetrotter looked better than everyone else in all the makeupless pictures that soon followed in the Athens airport! My skin looked glowing and gorgeous, while everyone else looked well, sort of grey.

Airborne Lemon-Lime available at $5.62

My next travel essential is also in part to that recycled airplane air…and it’s Airborne. Airborne is a must-have for all flights since you never know what kind of nasty germs the people around you have on the plane, or what kind of germs the people on the last flight had. (They’re supposed to sanitize the planes between flights, but I don’t believe it!) I like the Lemon-Lime flavor the best, since, to me, it tastes the least nasty (yeah, it’s gross, but it helps, I promise!). I either buy a water bottle at the airport (after I’ve gone through security) and drop it in there, or ask the flight attendant for TWO glasses of water (they’re so small!) and split the tablet in half, dropping half in each glass, and guzzling them. Airborne contains a big boost of many essential vitamins to help you beat germs that can make you sick, and the few times I’ve forgotten to take it before or during a flight–I’ve gotten sick a few days later!

Colgate Wisps in Peppermint available at $7.99 for 16 wisps

By recommendation of Lara at PCbeauty, I purchased this next item because I was so totally impressed by the concept. As an obsessive toothbrusher, long flights totally kill me, since I never want to get up and go to the bathroom to brush my teeth…But I hate those “fuzzy sweaters” on your teeth! Don’t you? Don’t fret, just use Colgate Wisps! These mini disposable toothbrushes are tiny enough to keep in your handbag and can be used right in your seat, no water or rinsing required. They come in three flavors peppermint, spearmint, and cinnamon, and for that price, are a total steal!

Purell Hand Sanitizer 2 oz TSA Approved at Minimus $1.93

Ahhh, hand sanitizer. Some people may disagree with me, but as the above mentioned, I am a germophobe. While I don’t over-sanitize, it’s nice to have this stuff before and after meals any time you touch something on a plane and then want to touch your face, eyes, or any other mucous membrane that loves germs. I know they offer it in the airplane bathrooms, but that stuff is slimy and grosses me right out–I don’t even feel like germs just got killed! This travel-sized Purell can easily fit into your quart-sized TSA approved bag and go right on the plane with you.

If you’re like me and are a picky eater, you know that airplane food is not always up to par. I’m a vegetarian and although there is always a vegetarian “pasta” option for a meal, it never tastes like real food to me, so I usually just eat the roll they give you! I always make sure to eat something in the airport before I get on the plane, because eight hours is a long time to go without food if you don’t like what they’re serving (and then, what if breakfast sucks too!?) Terminal 7 at JFK doesn’t have much to offer in terms of “health” but I know that I can always grab a salad at Wolfgang Puck Express or even at McDonalds! I also always take the fruit or pretzels that are usually offered at chains like Qdoba and Five Guys and keep them in  my bag in case I want a snack later!

Nothing is worse than wearing your adorable boots (or heels) on the plane (you are a glamorous globe-trotting gal, afterall) only to get to your destination and realize that your ankles and feet have swollen to the size of softballs because of the pressure change from the plane altitude! I always make sure I bring comfortable shoes to change into, like these Havaianas flip-flops. I also try to make sure I do some walking on the plane to keep my blood circulating and I drink lots of water.

Dove Anti-Perspirant Deodorant, Powder, Invisible Solid at Walgreens $2.79

In addition to my flip-flops or other comfortable shoes, I always pack not one, but two extra outfits (one to change, one in case my luggage is lost), including a sweater in case it gets cold, in my carry-on bag. I usually like to freshen up in the restroom and change before I arrive at my destination, either in the airplane or when I get to the airport (if I have a layover) since you start to feel yucky after sitting in one place for anywhere from 6-8 hours, not to mention the 3 hours of security screenings at the airport before you left, plus the time you waited in the airport before your flight. During my “freshen up” I also like to reapply my antiperspirant, like Dove Antiperspirant deodorant invisible solid in powder; touch up my makeup (also when I usually apply the Evian mist!), and reapply perfume.

KIM KARDASHIAN Eau de Parfum Rollerball 0.33 oz at Sephora $16

I will be traveling with Kim Kardashian Eau de Parfum Rollerball, which with notes of mandarin, honeysuckle, orange blossom, pink jasmine, tuberose, sensual spice, gardenia, Jacaranda wood, tonka bean, vanilla orchid, musk, and creamy sandalwood, will make me smell sexy and fresh and also meets TSA guidelines! I think I’m even going to purchase the full size when I get home…good work Kim K!

My top two most important travel must-haves are the following:

A good book & my iPod!

If You Have to Cry Go Outside at Amazon $22.99

Even though I’ve already read it, my dear idol, Kelly Cutrone is coming to Paris with me. If You Have To Cry Go Outside is my airplane read, just to refresh myself on her fabulous advice. (And who better to read on my way to PARIS than the woman who tells Whitney Port in the upcoming trailer for the new season of MTV’s “The City” that “every woman should have a love affair with a French man”?!) Plus, I’m passing off the wisdom to my cousin when I get there and letting her keep the book for her flight back to U.S. in May!

I-Pod Classic in Black at Apple $249

As easy as it may be to get engrossed in my favorite author’s NY Times Bestseller, I definitely still need to iPod to tune out the crying children and excited student groups who will most likely be around me. (Unfortunately, I’m not fabulous enough…yet…to fly overnight in any class higher than coach :(….someday!) So I’m going to be sure to whip up some playlists with my favorites like Wilco, Coldplay, The Decemberists, Iglu & Hartly, Bloc Party, Los Dios Malos, Airborne Toxic Event, Fray, Alexi Murdoch, Ben Folds (and his 27 different bands),  Cage the Elephant, Modest Mouse (this is starting to sound like an “The O.C.” reunion CD..Josh Schwartz, care to capitalize on that?) and about 100 different other musical loves of my life.

I know it’s a long list…but packing for an overseas trip is exhausting, and now you have everything you need in one place…and so do I!

Au revoir from NYC! Voyez-vous bientôt….une fois que je suis à Paris!

P.S….Je ne parle pas beaucoup français…ut ohhh! Bonne chose je sais dire cela! Hablo espanol muy bien, agradecidamente..puedo utilizar tan la lengua en Madrid! Salud mes amis!

(Translation: French: I’ll see you soon..once I’m in Paris! P.S. I don’t speak much French..ut ohhh! Good thing I know how to say that! Spanish: Thankfully, I speak Spanish very well, so I can use the language in Madrid! French: Bye my friends!)

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5 Responses to Globetrotting Gal: Travel Essentials for the Jetsetter

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  2. Jeanne says:

    Great post! I wish I was going to Paris thought — damn! I guess I get to settle for Hawaii in a few weeks… haha. I would bring Kelly too, she has definitely become an essential. Have so much fun and don’t forget to tweet and twit pic!

    • Erika says:

      Thank you dear! Have fun in Hawaii…I’m jealous of that (never been…plus I need a tan…pronto!) I will definitely, tweet, tweetphoto, facebook and blog from Paris…I promise!!

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