Beauty Buzz: St. Patty’s at Maria Bonita Spa

Beauty Buzz: St. Patty’s at Maria Bonita Spa
I was invited to a St. Patty’s Day celebration at Maria Bonita Spa in Nolita to test out Brazilian Supplements Inc.’s newest product, the Envix Super Premium 20-in-1 Multi-Action Deep Conditioning Hair Masque, which I’ve determined is nothing short of awesome.

Leblon, used in making our yummy cocktails!

The Envix Hairmasque is being marketed two ways: as an add-on to regular conditioning in a 3-minute treatment and as a separate 15-20 minute treatment. I tested the 15-minute treatment, while receiving a beautiful Brazilian manicure ($22) and sipping on a Brazilian Caipirinha! The Brazilian manicure by Rosalie is fabulous, beginning with having my nails soaked in coconut water. Instead of painting on my nails, Rosalie painted all over my cuticles too…skeptical, right? It looked like a little kid did my nails at first, until she whipped out some pointy silver stick, wrapped cotton around it, dipped it in polish remover and cleaned up all the “mess.” The result? Perfectly polished nails, (in a dark green shade of OPI, whose name I didn’t get) with no blank spots where the nail meets the cuticle on the sides like a traditional manicure. Fabulous!

The Envix treatment is applied to the hair and combed through in sections, then pinned up and capped. It can be used on any type of hair–colored treated, damaged, and ethnic hair. After being rinsed and shampooed, I was given a beautiful “perfect” blow-out ($45) and my hair was pinned up, pending a makeup application.

During my blow-out

At this point, I wasn’t sure if the treatment had actually worked or not. The claim of Envix is that it will “transform lifeless, brittle and damaged hair into glossy, shiny and healthy hair in as little as 15 minutes.” As a blond, my hair already reflects tons of light, so I couldn’t really tell…until I turned to another blogger next to me, who had dark, chocolate-brown hair (which she confessed to flat-ironing daily) her hair was glossy and smooth, and looked totally amazing! After my blowout was complete, it was obvious that my lifeless, color-damaged, often flat-ironed and blow-dried, hair, also had major extra shine (see picture!). Additionally, my hair actually felt better. It was soft, without being sticky,  and light; I still had tons of volume, unlike many other deep conditioning treatments, which leave the hair feeling very weighty. (I forgot to mention that my blow-out lasted four days!)

Post Envix treatment, Blow-out, Manicure & Makeup Application!

As a bonus, the lovely Sami also gave my makeup a refresher. (price available upon request, call (212) 431-1520 info) She touched up my bronzer, my eye makeup and lips, and made me look like I had the most amazing cheekbones ever! I’ll totally be going back for another makeup application in the future…and another Envix treatment…and probably a manicure too. (Gotta stop biting these nails!)

Envix 20-in-1 Hair Masque

The Envix treatment combines 20 different ingredients to help repair the hair such as wheat protein, silk, and soy, collagen, as well as the always-popular keratin. Envix also contains a blend of five amino-acids, vitamins E and F and panthenol (found in many shine-activating products) and natural-derived ingredients like flax-seed oil, macadamia oil, shea butter, white clay and seaweed…no wonder it makes hair so healthy and shiny!

You can receive the same treatment I did at Maria Bonita Spa, called the “Luck of the Irish” package ($70), which includes the Envix Hair Masque, a blow-out, and a Brazilian manicure, now through May 2010! Call (212) 431-1520 and make your appointment now. Tell them Erika from Shoes, Shirts & Other Sh!t sent you!

Maria Bonita Spa is located at 12 Prince St (@ Elizabeth St.) in Nolita, NYC. Visit their website and follow Maria Bonita Spa on Twitter!

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