International Beauty Show/IECSC

International Beauty Show/IECSC

If you don’t know what the International Beauty Show (IBS) and the International Esthetics, Cosmetics and Spas Conference (IECSC) is, it’s a huge convention held at the Javits Center in New York City. (they also have them in Chicago and Las Vegas). This beauty show, specifically designed to expose salon owners, employees, makeup artists, students, and just about anyone in the beauty industry to literally hundreds of different vendors! Everything you can possibly imagine, from anti-cellulite wraps, to the newest methods in eyelash extensions, to different scissors for hair cutting, to a printer that prints designs on your manicure is under one roof. The exhibitor list is extensive, from brands that are tried and true and are sold both in your salons and department store counters, to those that have just been created and are brand new. Virtually anything a beauty junkie is looking for can be found at this event (although, I never did find a new pair of tweezers that I liked!) and it’s a great event for people who are trying to find the latest and greatest products to provide their customers with.

This was my first trip to IBS/IECSC! I had heard of it in the past, but never lived in New York City. My friend who is a makeup artist for Saks in Boston told me she was attending with her other makeup artist friend and that I should come. I applied for a press pass for this blog, and voila! I had access to the latest and greatest beauty inventions around and now I get to tell you about them!

I already wrote extensive articles on TheMakeupGirl (who I contribute to) about the Brazilian Blowout and Karma Organics nail polishes and removers, so there’s not much else to say, besides that they’re awesome! Go read about the Brazilian Blowout to find out what makes it different from permanent straightening and Keratin treatments here; and read about Karma Organics to find out why I believe it’s the latest and greatest nail polish to hit the market: here.

Besides those two brands, I also discovered some other amazing things that you need to keep an eye out for!

Photos of nails created by InstyleNails Printers

This company produces professional digital nail printers and supplies. You have no idea what I’m talking about right? Picture this: you get a manicure and you want a design on your nails, but it’s complicated and your manicurist doesn’t think they can do it, or it’s going to cost you a fortune; so, your manicurist takes you over to the InStyle Nail Printer, you go through the images (or use your own memory card with a picture on it that you’d like on your nails), choose one, put your finger in the machine, and 20 seconds later, there is a design printed on your nail. Yes, printed.

The printer uses the exact same HP ink that my desktop printer uses. Crazy, right?  I had to try this machine. There is a special polish that is included when you buy the printer that must be applied over the original manicure in order for the printer ink to be absorbed onto the nail, but it appears clear like a regular top coat. I only had one nail done because I have natural nails (with natural nails only one can be printed at a time, but with artificial nails, 20 nails, or two pairs of hands, can be printed at the same time!)

The manicurist painted my nail gold and I chose a leopard print design with a red french tip. She applied the special coat to absorb the ink and  stuck my finger into the machine. 20 seconds later, it looked like someone had spent 10 minutes painting a perfect red french tip, and leopard spots all over my nail. Needless to say, it was amazing.

The machine comes preloaded with over 1000 images, but you can upload virtually any image and have it resized to fit your nail (the girl in line before me took her memory card out of her camera and had her own picture put on her nail!!!)  It also has a pre-attached “webcam” to take photos. At this time, the machine can only be purchased by licensed cosmetologists and costs about $2500, although I would imagine it pays for itself in one year’s worth of manicures. InStyle Nails is located in New York City. For more information on this new and exciting product, visit their website.

DivaDerme Lash Extender

DivaDerme is an up-and-coming cosmetics brand that I feel deserves some attention for a few great products that my girlfriends and I tested at IBS. DivaDerme is a “unique line of essential natural beauty products that combine nature, technology and ancient beauty secrets to create flawless lashes, brows, makeup and beauty radiant skin.” DivaDerme is created in Italy and has been around for over 30 years, but is just now becoming mainstream in salons  here in the U.S.

DivaDerme Brow Extender

Look at the different between DivaDerme and regular mascara on Gia!








Dzi and Gia, the two girls I attended IBS/IECSC with tested out the DivaDerme Lash Extender and Brow Extender. The artist at the DivaDerme applied the Brow Extender first, which Dzi purchased in “Espresso”, since it made her eyebrows pop–it completely changed her face! Next both girls had the Lash Extender applied (I opted out because I had a ton of mascara on) which is a three-step process, first applied is a top coat, and then a coat of fibers (to help extend) and then a coat of mascara is applied! Both Dzi and Gia bought the lash extender, and you will see why with the difference in Gia’s two eyes! Applying the Lash Extender takes the same amount of time as applying a few coats of mascara…Gia had THREE coats on her left eye, and the three steps of DivaDerme on her right eye took her lashes to a new level!

DivaDerme Vacation in a Bottle

I tested out DivaDerme’sVacation in a Bottle, a semi-permanent self-tanner, that is all-natural, and dries in seconds. When I first applied the serum, which is in a spray bottle that you spray on a makeup sponge and then apply to your face, I was wary, since it looked as though I had used the wrong color cream foundation. I stupidly did not purchase it. A few hours later, the product set in and wore down and I had the best fake tan I had ever seen–not orange or streaky, but actually tan and bronzed looking!!! I ran back to IBS yesterday during my break from classes, and low and behold, all but one bottle of DivaDerme Mascara Diva had sold out and they were packing up the booth because they had nothing left to sell! I was so upset! I will definitely be ordering it online. I am serial hand-washer…I wash my hands at least 20 times a day and my hand is still tan 3 days later!

For more information on DivaDerme, visit their website.

A before and after photo of a women who used the instant breast lifts!

Bring It Up Breast Enhancement, another one of those, “Oh em gee, why didn’t someone think of this before?” products. It’s also one of those products no one wants to actually admit that they want to hear about, but they really do.

Bring It Up Breast Lifts





Dzi, Gia and I stood there in awe watching the video setup at the demo booth, as these babies did their magic. The Bring It Up Breast Lifts are sort of the most amazing thing for breasts that I’ve personally ever seen. It’s a piece of hypoallergenic tape that you stick to the bottom of your breast, and then you pull your breast up towards your neck, and tape it down when you feel your breasts are lifted enough. The tape is so clear that it blends right in with your skin. (The two women demoing had them on with low-cut tank tops and we couldn’t even see the tape!) The breast lifts come in packs of 8 and are disposable, in sizes A-D and plus-sized, for a DD or larger.

Additionally, Bring it Up sells Smooth & Lift Nipple Covers, which are sticky and cover your nipples so that you can go braless! Besides having on the breast lifts, both women at the booth had these on as well (they showed us, TMI, I know). Had they not shown us, I never would’ve had any idea that they didn’t have bras on–AND they had no rolls of back fat from a too-tight bra! It was amazing. These breast lifts and nipple covers are great for anyone who needs a lift anywhere, including a bathing suit (they’re waterproof!) or wants to wear a low-cut dress braless, but not without coverage! The results are totally amazing.

Check out Bring It Up online to see a video of how the breast lifts work, for more information and to buy their products here.

Dzi testing out the amika Hot Pink Cheetah Styler! (I tried it too, my hair looked awesome!)

amika is a brand of stylers that range from blow dryers, to flat irons, to curling irons to styling products! Another product that I am terribly upset I didn’t purchase was the amika 1.5 inch Hot Pink Cheetah Ceramic Styler, which can be used to either straighten or curl hair! The amika ceramic styler uses infrared and negative-ion technology to help preserve moisture in the hair shaft, rather than drying it out, which damages hair, like most other flat irons. The amika styler features 100% ceramic plates, not just plates that are coated with ceramic. The far-infrared heat that this iron uses softens hair and seals the cuticle, making your hair glossy, manageable, and static and frizz-free. The amika styler comes in several colors and prints, I just adore the hot pink cheetah print!

amika Hair Products

amika also just began producing a new line of their own hair products (literally just came out, the press release they gave me says March 7th!). The line includes a serum, a hair masque, shine spray, oil, hydration cream and a curl defining cream. (they also have another line, Obliphica, who I received a deep conditioner sample from–I’ll let you know if it works!) All the products use Obliphica, which is better known as Sea Buckthorn Berry, an oil that helps to enrich and replenish dull, tired hair. I did put some of the Obliphica conditioner on my hands, and it soaked right into my skin with no sticky residue–a very good sign. Plus, look how adorable the packaging is!

To read more about amika hair stylers and products visit their website. Additionally, amika stylers can be purchased on Folica.

And that’s it for now. I met a few more vendors when I returned to IBS/IECSC yesterday who I still need to do a bit more research on before I give you the details! I hope you guys enjoyed reading about all these great new products!

xo, E

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