The snowfall on my street around 3pm 2/25..not so bad, right?

When the weather channel was telling me to “brace for the storm” about to hit NYC, they really meant it this time! I assumed the storm would be a big bust, since my classes yesterday weren’t even canceled! I opted out of going with the doctor’s note for my blistered-the-size-of-Belgium foot, and it was a good thing I did. By the time I would’ve gotten back to my apartment (around 5:30pm) the snow on the ground had turned to ice and the shuttle that loops from 125th St. station to my building was not making stops at my building because it was sliding down the hill on my street! I would’ve had to walk up the massive hill (a relatively minor hill to climb when it’s nice out, but a major trek when it’s wet or covered in snow and ice!) with my bum foot and I am ninety-nine percent sure that I would’ve fallen down and cried.

So instead of going to class I watched the falling snow and figured the storm would be a bust. Afterall, the Department of Sanitation refused to start plowing until at least two inches had fallen and by 1pm we didn’t even have an inch and a half. I worked on some stuff for CurrentHipHop, Twittered, watched TV, my usual day-off stuff. Boy was I wrong! By 5pm there was about half-a-foot on the ground (apparently the rate of snowfall had picked up just a little) and my soaking wet, angry roommates came bursting into my apartment pissed off that they had to walk all the way back from their class buildings and the subway. (I really don’t blame them for being angry, I’d be really pissed too!)

My street sign, illegible, covered in snow

While I was doing work around 10pm, News4NY reported that the wind this storm was generating was equivalent to a Category 2 hurricane! Hence, “Snurricane” (It became a trending topic in New York City on Twitter sometime yesterday and has remained on there for most of the day today!) Umm…I won’t be leaving the house i

n that, thank-you-very-much!!! By 3am, when I finally went to bed last night, we had gotten even more snow. When I got up this morning, the totals were tallied at 14 inches in the Bronx, 18 in Staten Island and 16.9 inches in Central Park. Around 3:30pm today, the total in Manhattan came to 20 inches and for the time-being, the snowfall has ceased. I feel like a meteorologist right now, so I’m going to stop talking about the snow for five seconds.

Buried cars on my block

The point of all this snow-talk is that this was the real Snowpocalypse compared to that little pansy storm we had a couple weeks ago. (I mean, I guess it was no “pansy” for D.C. and the surrounding area, but it barely hit us here in the city) The last time I left my apartment was Wednesday….I think? I’m not even sure if I left here on Wednesday, which means the last time I was outside of these four walls was Tuesday evening–when I was at school! Eeek! Talk about being cooped up!

Somehow, I’ve managed to stay slightly productive, but I’m mostly been a huge bum, sipping on big mugs of hot chocolate and eating soup.

The last time I ventured downstairs was to do laundry Wednesday evening, which was exciting as usual. (The first time I tried to do laundry, I could not for the life of me figure out how to use my little swipe card to get the cycle to start! Instead of quarters, we load money on swipe cards and use those in the machines and I read the directions of the machine wrong about ten times before I finally figured it out!) I forgot to check if there were available washers and dryers online before I went down and of course, almost all of them were in use! I staked out the laundry room waiting for someone’s stuff to finish and waited about 45 seconds before taking it out and replacing it with my own stuff. She came down, saw that I put all her stuff on top of the washer and she got pissed! Listen, babe, I did you a favor because now you don’t have to bend over and take all your sh!t out. Did you really think I enjoyed touching your sparkly thong or your Christmas-themed one (which, by the way, was almost 3 months ago, in case you didn’t get the memo) or your boyfriends nasty Yankees boxer-briefs? I didn’t. (Especially because I have a strong dislike for the Yankees. I know, I’m in the wrong city, but I love NYC, so I can get over it.) I think my own dirty laundry is gross as it as (weird phobia) so I definitely don’t want to touch yours!

I eventually finished my laundry at 1am…Thursday morning.

Tree branch outside my window

Yesterday I never even left my apartment itself. I haven’t gone downstairs to check mail or socialize–nada! It may partially be because my wardrobe for the last few days has consisted of leggings and giant collegiate John Jay t-shirts and/or sweatshirts, I couldn’t walk and I’ve been far too lazy to bother putting on makeup. I mean, for who, really? Instead of actually going into the outside world, I’ve been connecting with it via Skype, Twitter, Facebook, AIM, and my Blackberry (on which I got over 70 emails, 15 phone calls, 25 text messages and several of BBMs…today alone.) I was in a particularly crummy mood yesterday for some reason and everything was very bothersome to me, so it was probably just as well that I stayed in my room!

I’m hoping tomorrow I’m going to venture outside. I’m hoping to meet a friend for breakfast (if they plow because she wants to drive into the city…I told her to take mass-transit and she told me she’s scared of it!) Then my friend and her boyfriend are coming for the whole weekend, so I will hopefully meet up with them and then two of my best friends from home are coming tomorrow night! I have to meet them at Grand Central, so if I don’t go anywhere else, at least I’ll slap on my rainboots and go there. I am so excited to see all of them!!

Embellished Black Evening Dress from Theia $895.00 at eDressMe

Theia Long, One Shoulder Lamé Gown with Brooch $795.00 at Bloomingdales

Oh, I totally forgot the best thing about this whole day, productivity-wise, of course! Every May, I go to this Armenian event called ACYOA Sports Weekend (some of you who read this may have heard of it) and it takes place over the course of Memorial Day weekend. At night there are always dances and events (Saturday and Sunday) and I got my first dress for the Saturday night event, being held at the State Room in Boston, MA. I cannot wait for it to come!!!! I’d post a picture, but since I know some of my Armenian friends are going to read this, I can’t ruin the surprise just yet. I’ll just say that it’s a gorgeous, floor-sweeping, navy blue Theia gown! It’s very glamorous! I almost always wear cocktail dresses to these things and I never get the opportunity to wear gowns, but the State Room is so nice. I figured if I can wear a gown anywhere, I’ll wear it there!

I’ve included some pictures of current Theia gowns so you can see their design aesthetic–they are beautiful! (Mine is not among these.)

Best part of being home: having time to online shop!

Well, that’s all for now! Hopefully I’ll have more interesting things to tell you after the Snurricane is over.

xo, E

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6 Responses to Snurricane!!!!

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  2. Chandra (@ShiftC) says:

    Ok. I can’t do snow. 😦 I’m a baby. I love my Central California snowless weather!

    I love the gowns!

  3. Beautifuladdi says:

    Hey Princess! Your blog is beautiful even if it is more pics of snow. I will visit every day. Also, fab gowns. I have never done the Armenian party scene before. Is there a website? Honestly, don’t know many Armenians. Just know we are all the most fabulous princesses. Stay warm dry & happy today!

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