Don't say you didn't ask!

Young MC...bustin a move

You wanted it, and now you got it.

(Remember that song, ‘If you want it, then you got it, if you want baaaaaaby you got it….just bust a move!’ Oh MC…I miss you.)

Well, several of you inquired, via Facebook, WordPress comments, Twitter and email, you wanna see this nasty blister I got. Frankly, I think feet are disgusting in general, so it was very difficult for me to even take the picture without being grossed out. But I had to please my readers!

Me, bustin' an old cheerleading move so you can see the "Blister the Size of Belgium"

Well, there you have it. It has shrunken ever-so-slightly since I took this picture last night before bed (circa 1am) but it still hurts like a BAMF. (Apologies for the hair in my face, stupid face I’m making and lack of makeup, it was bedtime. I know I look like a 12-year-old boy.)

I skipped out on school today because I didn’t want to wear any of my shoes in the blizzard or walk. (The only slightly comfortable shoes I have are my UGGs, but it’s still hard to walk even with the thing all bandaged up!) I had to send my professors emails detailing that I have a “foot injury” and am not coming to class in the blizzard, but will be more than happy to provide them with a doctor’s note. (That I myself will have to doctor, since it’s from Tuesday–thank God for scanner/printer/copiers and Photoshop!)

Needless to say, I’m parking my booty for a few days, since this foot clearly doesn’t need anymore action.

Unfortunately, I have a whole bunch of friends coming this weekend, that I’m going to have to walk around with and go out with. Once again, I’ll be the only girl in UGGs at the bar, sadly, but, oh well. Don’t get me wrong, I’m so excited my friends are coming, I’m just saying it’s unfortunate because of my foot.

Well, that’s it. I went to the E.R. for that. 2 hours of wasted time for a giant blister. I hope it’s everything you hoped it would be.

xo, E

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2 Responses to Don't say you didn't ask!

  1. thelovelyaesthetic says:

    Thank you for the photo! Hahah ridiculous. I was a former cheerleader too, random.

    • Erika says:

      Anytime! I got so many requests that I couldn’t say no anymore. That is random, but funny! We have a lot in common! I was actually contemplating trying out for the cheerleading squad at my new school. Then I laughed at myself out load.

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