Oh, New York, You’re Not As Easy As I Thought!

I envisioned that my move here would be sort of just like my life before, except: a little more walking, a lot more to do, a lot more people, and a lot more mass transit; but it’s slightly different from I thought.

Maybelline "The Colossal" Waterproof Mascara

Every rainstorm in NYC is like a monsoon, I should’ve remembered this from a few months ago when I met my best friend Nicole for her 21st birthday and stood in Bryant Pond getting soaked by the mini-hurricane that was occurring. The buildings create miniature wind tunnels and once it starts raining, it’s all over. I’ve learned that my hair is gonna get whipped in my face, so I throw it in a ponytail and don’t even bother putting on makeup, unless it’s waterproof mascara (which btw, I’ve smudged in a mini-monsoon). Since then, I’ve learned to never leave home without my umbrella, and if rain and/or snow are in the forecast, to slap on my rainboots. I haven’t, however, quite figured out how to juggle my Iced Venti, Sugar-Free Vanilla, Non-Fat, Caramel Machiatto, my books, my handbag and my umbrella. Something I’ve seen most NY ladies do with ease and poise. It’ll come to me…I just need practice!

Another thing I didn’t prepare was an injury, and I walk EVERYWHERE. It’s five short blocks to the subway from my apartment, and two long blocks from the subway to my school, not to mention walking between buildings, walking to get food, walking to get groceries, standing in line at Whole Foods…etc, etc. (Doesn’t sound like much, but when you’re in pain, it’s long.) So when my foot started to bother me a few days ago, like it has in the past, I ignored it and kept walking on it. I rocked those four-inch heels all over NYC like it was my job.

Not the best decision I’ve ever made.
After a short trip to Trader Joes yesterday, I discovered that my foot was really bothering me. I was walking through Union Square station on the side of my foot and limping. It hurt much more than it did when I broke my toe a couple months ago. When I tried to stretch it out, it felt like something was going to snap, so naturally, I got nervous– these feet take me everywhere, let alone the fact that I’m a dancer!! After hobbling around the city to my first two classes this morning, I hobbled on over to Roosevelt’s ER to get looked at.

(Warning: this next part might gross you out if you’re sensitive, so you might just wanna scroll past it a little if you don’t like feet or have a weak stomach!)

It came with great surprise when I took my sock off and the nurse looked at my foot and asked me if I had a callous. I looked at it and there was a giant white bubble on the ball of my foot. There was no way I had a callus. I’ve had callouses, I’ve had broken nails, I’ve had bloody nails from toe shoes, I’ve had a broken toe and I’ve broken my ankle…there was no way this was any of those. It hurt way too much.

I was Googling foot anatomy last night (yes, sorry Professor Lerner, I forgot almost everything you taught me last semester except for the body cavities and the brain anatomy) and was more than convinced I needed an MRI. A CT was just not gonna be detailed enough.  It was either my peroneus brevis tendon or my peroneus tetius tendon. Mmhmm. OR it was my extensor digitorum brevis muscle. That was it. I just needed confirmation.

Foot anatomy that I used to self-diagnose...

So you probably want to know what it was right?

A freaking BLISTER. It was a blister the size of Belgium!!!! A giant, obnoxious blister, forcing me to hobble around New York City like an invalid. I mean, really?

Thanks to those 4-inch heels, I have two weeks of hell-to-pay. Getting a blister on the ball of your foot is one of the hardest blisters to heal, you walk on it constantly!

So another lesson learned: while you might think that everyone in NYC is wearing cute shoes, it is not worth getting a blister over. Because of my need to be fashionable, I’ll now be stuck in UGGs at the bar this weekend.

What else have I learned? It’s okay to spend $111 on dinner with your best friend every now and then (since I’ve been eating frozen dinners and mac and cheese out of a box for a month and a half) It’s okay to not go out on Friday nights. And not doing anything all day and staying in your pajamas, is totally socially acceptable.

While you all are out walking around having a grand time this weekend, think of me. I’ll be the girl in her pajamas watching Lifetime movies, icing my foot and eating a box of chocolates. 😉

xo, E

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8 Responses to Oh, New York, You’re Not As Easy As I Thought!

  1. kseverny says:

    Well, do enjoy yourself

  2. Nicole Del Duca says:

    i will never spend $111 on dinner ever again, but it was nice because i was with you ❤ haha

  3. interested says:

    can we get a pic of the blister?!

  4. thelovelyaesthetic says:

    No photo of the blister? Hahahah just kidding.

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