Reflections on Snowpocalypse

Mr. President, Barack Obama deemed it “Snowmageddon”

D.C. was dead. The Fed had been closed for four days straight. Flights here and there and everywhere were canceled as Tuesday afternoon wore on.

Times Square during Snowpocalypse

First the news Tuesday evening, came inches, then in feet, then in inches again; hours later than it had been expected expected. By the time all was said done, I had been holed up in my apartment for about 37 hours (forget my apartment, I hardly left my bedroom unless I needed sustenance or the little girl’s room) and there was about a foot and a half of snow in New York City. Eeeek!
I thought we had it bad–schools were closed 24 hours in advance, businesses were telling their employees to stay home and closing their stores (um, hello, we live in ‘the city that never sleeps’, this never happens). The Department of Sanitation didn’t even bother trying to plow the weighty white until 10pm on Wednesday night, I’m sure they wondered what the point was seeing there was more on the way.

Thursday, however, it was back to business as usual, in most parts of the city. Fashion Week commenced its last season at Bryant Park. Then came the saddening news of fashion-great, Alexander McQueen’s, suicide, at just 40 years old. New York Fashion Week, solemnly went on. McQueen’s show was canceled. Then former President Bill Clinton was hospitalized.

It really was snowpocalypse. I think the world is beginning to come to an end.


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